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TCL Introduces A New AI TV, Air Purifier, & Air Conditioning System





TCL Philippines officially launches new 2019 AI TV, WL in the Philippines and I am happy to be part of it!

TCL, top two global television brand and leading consumer eTCL Philippines has officially launched the new 2019 AI TV, WL in the Philippines, and I’m delighted to be a part of it! TCL, a renowned consumer electronics business and the world’s number two television brand, has unveiled new television (TV) and whitelines (WL) models for the Philippine market. TCL seeks to consolidate its position in these categories by delivering the P8 TV Series, the W Series Inverter Window Air-Conditioner, the AeroPure Air Purifiers, and the PortaCool Air-Conditioner.

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The brand new P8 TV Series! It’s so impressive that I hope to buy it.


The all-new P8 television series! It’s so impressive that I’m considering purchasing it.

  • AI P85 4K UHD TV
  • P60,995 for 65 inches
  • P37,995 for 55 inches
  • P32,995 for 50 inches

P8, P8M, and P8S are the three models of the P8 TV Series. These models have Android TV OS 9.0 and Google Assistant, a user-friendly built-in virtual assistant that connects with modern devices for the finest smart home experience. They also have a 4K Ultra HD resolution screen, HDR 10 compatibility, built-in Chromecast, Micro Dimming function, and Dolby Audio integration.

Wide Color Gamut boosts color reproduction with up to 90% NTSC color accuracy, and HDR10+ adds dynamic contrast for improved picture quality on the high-end model P8S. The P8S is also the first phone to feature a full-screen design, giving viewers a more immersive experience. It’s fantastic because I’ve always wanted to give directions to a television, much like in Star Trek or any other science fiction film. But it’s especially handy to me now that I’m using an Android phone.

TCL AeroPure Air Purifiers

The AeroPure Air Purifiers were developed in a first for TCL Philippines, in response to rising market demand for inexpensive and high-quality air purifiers in the country. The AeroPure Air Purifiers, which come in four different versions, are fitted with carbon compound and HEPA filters that clean the air, with a dust removal rate of up to 99.5 percent and a bacterial removal rate of 99.9% 1.

These air purifiers also come with a variety of operation modes, including auto mode, which automatically determines the ideal settings, and sleep mode, which changes the fan speed to ensure a good night’s sleep without sacrificing air quality.

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PortaCool Air-Conditioner

W Series Inverter Window Air-Conditioner and PortaCool Air-Conditioner

The W Series Inverter Window Air-Conditioner and PortaCool Air-Conditioner from TCL are new, adaptable models that allow customers additional options when it comes to cooling. Using TCL’s unique inverter motor technology, the W Series aims to be an inexpensive solution for individuals who want to experience comfortable cooling without the hardship of high electricity bills.

PortaCool Air-Conditioner

The PortaCool Air-Conditioner was created with portability in mind to provide the most versatile cooling option. The PortaCool, which comes with casters and a removable window kit and exhaust, may be utilized in any room in the house without the need for expensive drilling or time-consuming air-conditioner installations. Dual fan motors for faster cooling and dual condenser technology that reduces the need for water draining are also included.

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W Series Inverter Window Air-Conditioner

Inverter airconditioner

The inverter airconditioner would be probably my first go-to item since I need a portable air conditioner around my house and if I plan to travel elsewhere, this airconditioner would be so ideal to me to use in such a hot climate as we have in the Philippines.

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