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Thai actor Gulf Kanawut Talks About His Life , Motivation And Career on his Manila Press Conference

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gulf kanawut press conference manila 2022

Kanawut Traipipattanapong, also known as Gulf, visited the Philippines for the 2nd time to meet the fans for a fan meeting. Still, before his official show, he held a press conference and answered the question his fans wanted to know.

During the press conference, Gulf shared that when he heard the news that he would be having a fan meeting in the Philippines, he was excited and glad to meet his fans again. In fact, he visited the Philippines 3 years ago in a small event, but that was before he became famous. That’s why he’s so happy to know that he has a lot of Filipino fans now.

Gulf happily shared the most interesting fact that his fans know about him and that he looks like his beloved cat Haza; he added that both of them are cute, and he usually plays with her during his free time.

Aside from that, Gulf Kanawut also loves watching Thai comedy movies and listening to K6Y songs. He jokingly said he doesn’t have any hidden talent, but he’s very confident in his smile because it’s like a healing smile for his fans.

gulf kanawut press conference

Motivation and inspiration in life

He said that his family motivates him the most to do everything, which is why he’s working hard. His inspiration is himself, his own feelings towards one thing, and other people. Gulf has this kind of “Never give-up spirit”, which is why he’s very open to encountering and embracing any challenges in life.

His favourite quotation that everyone can relate to is, “Sometimes you may get tired but don’t go backwards keep on moving forward.” Gulf added that everyone has a dream and if you know you’re doing it right, then keep on chasing it so that you won’t regret it in the future.

Characters he want to potray

Aside from the characters that he already portrayed with his past projects, Gulf wants to try to be a villain. He likes to act as a bad guy in a series or movie because, for him, it feels good. He wants to be a successful actor someday.

Gulf continued sharing that every time he does his work, a simple motivation from his fans, like “Su-su”, which means “You can do it or Fighting”, boosts his energy and motivation to work hard more. He also added that he would love to work with Sarah Geronimo, and for his future projects, Gulf said to follow his official social media account on Twitter and Instagram.

Gulf Kanawut

For Gulf, the best thing to do during his spare time is to meet his friends and have a good time with them. He would also love to bring his fans to the football court and play football together. Gulf also revealed that he likes to deal with other people and find his purpose in their lives. He said he would probably be a sports reporter if he were not an actor. Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter how everyone will remember him, but he wants us to keep in mind that he is Gulf Kanawut.

Since this was the 2nd time Gulf visited the Philippines, he wanted to try Jollibee because he couldn’t eat it during his 1st visit. Aside from that, he wants to visit Cebu. With regards to his fan meeting, he doesn’t expect something, but he will do the things that will make everyone happy because that is the best memory he wants the fans to remember and treasure. He ended the presscon by thanking all of his fans, hoping to be back again in the Philippines.


Written by Jhermay Nuevacobeta

Photos by Jacquelou Colitoy