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Thai Dew’s Delightful Return to Manila Press Conference

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Thai Dew Jirawat manila press conference

In a moment of sheer joy and warmth, Dew, the charismatic actor and now international heartthrob, took center stage at his press conference upon returning to Manila. Greeted by the exuberant cheers of both the Philippine press and his devoted fans, Dew’s infectious smile set the tone for an evening filled with laughter, reflections, and surprises.

The opening phrase, ‘Mabuhay!’, resonated through the venue as Dew expressed his genuine happiness to be back in Manila. “Because this time, I’m here alone but I’m very happy to see everyone today,” he shared, his excitement evident as he took in the crowd and their cute faces, prompting a burst of laughter.

Addressing the unexpected turns in his career, Dew revealed, “I didn’t dream of being a celebrity or a famous person.” However, fate had other plans, and Dew found himself cast as a second lead in the legendary remake, F4 Thailand, a role that left him shocked and grateful. “If I could bring back time, I will tell my younger self that when you grow up, you will be very, very ‘pogi’ (handsome),” he playfully added.

Following the success of F4 Thailand, Dew expressed his eagerness to explore new horizons in acting. He revealed his desire to portray a bad guy in an action movie, signaling a promising future beyond romantic roles.

Amidst the overwhelming energy of his fans, shouting compliments like ‘pogi!’, Dew responded graciously with a heartfelt ‘salamat po!’. Delighting in the camaraderie with his co-stars from F4 Thailand, Dew playfully mentioned Bright, Win, and the laughter-inducing addition of ‘Nani’, showcasing his endearing and goofy side.

Dew’s comfort with his fans was evident as he playfully confessed that he didn’t think he looked good without makeup, a statement met with fervent disagreement from his adoring supporters. The banter continued as Dew questioned when they had seen him without makeup, displaying a keen awareness of his fan interactions.


When asked about his personality behind the scenes, Dew described himself as having a good sense of humor but also being a bit confused at times. The exchange about his hidden talents with fans was heartwarming, revealing the close connection he shares with his supporters.

Known for his dedication to his fans, Dew shared insights into his preparation for fan meets. He revealed that he spends the whole day practicing songs to ensure a memorable performance, emphasizing his commitment to connecting with fans on a personal level.

As he discussed his return to Manila for a solo fan meet, Dew highlighted the differences in this experience. With more time for rehearsal and a heightened focus on individuality, he acknowledged the novelty of singing songs continuously on his own.

Before bidding farewell, Dew treated his Filipino fans to a special surprise, delivering a wake-up call in Filipino terms: ‘gumising ka na binibini,’ ‘baby, gumising ka na.’ The venue erupted in laughter, capping off an evening filled with joy, connection, and the undeniable charm of Dew.