THE AVIARY ASIAN FUSION & CAFE: Newest Glass House Cafe + Restaurant In The South!

Are you craving for a bit Japanese? What about Korean or Thai? We found this great Asian Fusion Restaurant deep in Laguna and it does not disappoint. The Aviary Asian Fusion and Cafe is one restaurant that you need to add to your foodie bucket list. If you’re bound to visit some tourist spots in Laguna, it would be a good idea to check out this restaurant.

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The restaurant seems to be like a greenhouse with glass windows covering the entire restaurant from the bottom to the top. Since it tends to get hot during the summer, white curtains are draped all over the restaurant to keep the place is cool. The restaurant is also a cafe which is just perfect for coffee lovers.

They served all types of coffee but their personalized latte design seems to be a hit among all the foodies and coffee lovers. Customers would simply have to order latte and need to email a photo of theirs.

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Once the barista has recieved the photo through their email address, they would take the photo and insert into their latte design machine. We believe that this is the first machine of its kind in the South if not in Manila. The latte design takes around 5-7 minutes depending on the photo. Guests can order as many latte as they would like.

The interior and exterior is a modern and comfortable experience. They have modern tables and chairs where they can also be reserved for guests if they call the restaurant and reserved a table in advance. Guests can also request for the free WiFi password and there is no limit at the restaurant as long as they order their meal or drink.

If guests need privacy, a VIP room is available there they not only have a comfy chair and table. The VIP room comes complete with a piano, a IG-Worthy seat and alcoholic drinks. These drinks are ordered ahead of time and are available for guests who have rented out the VIP room.

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Pork Katsu: A must-try! If you love Katsu, You should give this a try. Rate: 8/10

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Seafood Bird Nest: It looks a bird nest but an absolute must-try if you’re into noodles. Rate: 8/10

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Ice cream Mixed Turon: The perfect dessert! The ice-cream just blends with the turn: Rate: 9/10

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Fried Dunagan: Absolutely delicious and we couldn’t get enough of it! Rate: 9/10

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Maki: They have your typical California Maki but we had to try it as well! Rate: 9/10

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Crispy Pata Kare Kare: Your typical delicious Cripsy Pata but its perfect for a big group and taste just as delicious! Rate: 9/10

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Kimbap: For Korean foodies, this is something that you need for sweet Korean palate. Rate: 8/10

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Salad: The salad surprised us! You need to start off with this perfect anything else. Rate; 10/10

Furthermore, the restaurant also takes special orders for weddings, birthdays and graduations. So what are you waiting for? Get the Asian fusion that you need for any special gathering or date with your family and friends.

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The Aviary Asian Fusion & Cafe

Location: National Hi-Way, Victoria Laguna
Reservation: + 639-95-268-4011
Opening Hours: 11AM-9PM everyday
Pet-Friendly: No
Bathrooms Available: Yes
Parking Available: Yes
Free WiFi: Yes
VIP Room: Yes

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  1. Yay yung ambiance talaga ang ganda pi kaya mas lalong ma enjoy yung food and drinks pag ganyan ang lawak pa po ng place. Craving agad sa food nila.

  2. Ang ganda naman po dyan love their ambiance and mukang masasarap pa ang mgs foods. Bet ko po ung gantong place super nakakarelax 🥰🥰

  3. Omg wow ang ganda nman dito . Ganda ng ambiance ng place . Perfect ung mga furniture nila ang gaganda . Daming choices ng foods and drinks tlga nman ang sasarap . Na amaze ako sa pic nyu po ni ms. Jacque and sa logo niyo ang galing nila 😍❤️

  4. Asian fusion Cafe down south! What’s really cool is the façade and if you look closer inside,sooo beautiful and classy feel

  5. This Is really worth it place na puntahan napakaganda na nga ng Shop nila ,Subrang sasarap pa ng mga nasa Menu!

  6. The place feels so refreshing with their interior and its spacious with high glass ceiling. The food looks very yummy and a lot of choices

  7. Grabe ang ganda talaga dito ,sarap pa foods and drinks nila,super love this place, hoping soon makapunta kami dito with my fam,thanks for sharing as always 🤗🥰


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