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The Boyz Delivers Breathtaking Performances at Their ‘Zeneration’ concert in Manila

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The atmosphere at the Araneta Coliseum on July 15 was absolutely electric as THE BOYZ took the stage for their highly anticipated ‘zeneration’ concert. The group began the night with a burst of confidence, opening with their powerful track “Ego,” setting the tone for an unforgettable evening ahead. The crowd erupted in cheers as THE BOYZ seamlessly transitioned into their hits “Reveal” and “Awake,” igniting the excitement in the air.

With each performance, THE BOYZ continued to hype up the crowd, leaving no room for dull moments. The thunderous beats of “Roar” echoed throughout the venue, captivating everyone in attendance. The members took a moment to introduce themselves, creating a personal connection with their fans and showcasing their genuine gratitude for the support they have received.

The concert’s setlist was thoughtfully curated, showcasing THE BOYZ’s immense talent and versatility. High-energy tracks like “I’m Your Boy” and “Text Me Back” got everyone dancing, while the emotive “Only One” and “Keeper” highlighted the group’s impeccable vocal harmonies, leaving the audience in awe.

Younghoon, Eric Sangyeon, Jacob, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Haknyeon and Sunwoo continued to hyped the crowd with “Thrill Ride”. The audience couldn’t help but sing along, their voices merging with THE BOYZ’s in perfect harmony.

As the night progressed, a special segment took the concert to new heights. During the performance of their hit song “D.D.D,” Eric surprised fans by incorporating SB19’s Gento’s dance moves and the crowd went wild.

Striking visuals and mesmerizing VCRs added another layer of enchantment to the concert experience. The dreamy sequences of “Lucid Dream” and “Daydream” transported fans to a realm of fantasy, while the graceful choreography of “Butterfly” and “Wings” showcased the group’s synchronicity and artistry.


However, it was during the performance of “Nightmares” that THE BOYZ truly took everyone by surprise. Their jaw-dropping dance moves and flawless execution pushed the boundaries of their performances, leaving the audience awestruck. It was a moment that elevated the concert to a whole new level and solidified THE BOYZ’s status as exceptional performers.

The momentum continued to rise as THE BOYZ went back to stage with their new outfit and presented a series of powerful performances, “Russian Roulette,” “Insanity,” and “Maverick” electrified the atmosphere, while the poignant melodies of “Spring Snow” and “Horizon” tugged at the heartstrings of fans. The crowd sang along, their voices resonating with emotions as they experienced the depth of THE BOYZ’s musicality.

Finally, as the concert drew to a close, THE BOYZ delivered their final blow with “Timeless.” The members poured their hearts into every note, leaving the audience with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and nostalgia. The cheers echoed throughout the Araneta Coliseum, refusing to fade even after the last note had ended.

The BOYZ ‘zeneration’ concert in Manila proved the group’s exceptional talent and undeniable stage presence. They captivated the audience with their dynamic performances, engaging interactions, and a setlist that catered to a wide range of musical preferences. Each moment was carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression on the hearts of fans, and THE BOYZ undoubtedly succeeded in creating a night that will be cherished for years to come.

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