THE CABIN RESORTS: IG-Worthy Cabin In The Middle Of A Farm In Bulacan

If you ever wanted to go to Big Bear or experience an American cabin then the cabin resorts got your back. This American-themed cabin not will only you an American/European vibe but they got plenty of activities that will make you come back for more!

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The cabin resorts are not so far from Manila but you will eventually need to park your car by the Gulf Gas Station. The dirt road to the resort is uneven and not completed. It is quite advisable to park at the cabin resorts free parking and advisable to use your SUV and truck to drive on the dirt road. It’s not too far since the dirt road ends at the start of a new road that heads to the resort

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CABIN RESORTS is an American-inspired resort that will give you the complete American experience. You will like you’re at Big Bear in California. The only difference that instead of a forest or in the mountains; the resort is in the middle of a huge farm. The resort is starting to become a hit among many travelers, especially for families and couples.

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There are two cabins currently available which are the DELUXE CABIN and the LOFT CABIN. Both cabins are separated from each other. The Loft Cabin is right next to the man-made lake and the bonfire. The Loft is right next to the swimming pool and the archery ground.

We took the new DELUXE CABIN which is perfect for 2-3 people. It’s the perfect cabin for couples. Each cabin has their own porch with a wooden table and bean bags to sit on. It’s the perfect Instagram photo in the day and perfect way to relax during the night.

Inside the cabin, you are surrounded by vintage American decor on the wall. Each cabin also their own movie poster to give off that classic American feel. The cabin also has air-conditioning with a comfortable bed. Each room comes with a mirror closet, a TV with your own kettle and mini table. The best part is that also get a fridge bull of soft drinks and beers! Below the fridge, each visitor will receive goodies like Chip Ahoy Cookies, Pringles and chips.

Each cabin has their own bathroom which comes with their own set of towels. You will need to bring your own soap, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush. Make sure to get these or you would need to head back to the main to get your essentials.

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The best part is the activities of the resort and it’s also a pet friendly place! This is what separates cabin resorts from all the other cabins we’ve been to!

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There are two swimming pools at cabin resorts. Sunset pool is the swimming pool near the cabins and the other one is in the clubhouse.

The swimming pool next to the cabin is the perfect way to relax since they have their own beach chairs while the pool that can be found in the clubhouse will give that perfect bar and havana feel. They also have their own beach chairs but they also have bean bags as well.

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The cabins is not only place to take some great Instagrammable photos. You can also go the man-made lake deck and take some memorable photos! This is perfect for travelers, families and especially for couples. You just have to wait for the perfect time since there are plenty of people that are waiting in line to take that IG-Worthy photo.

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Kayaking: If you want to do some kayaking, you can use some of the boats and row around the man made lake. They make the perfect photo for couple, family or prenup. You can also bring your pet but you need to be careful and try to drop anything into the water.

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Bikes: They have plenty of bikes and they’re for FREE! You can use the bikes and ride all around the resort.

ATV: We love the ATV, You will be trained on how to drive the ATV if you have no experience and drive outside the resort. It’s just perfect since you will ride around the farms of San Miguel. It’s a great experience!

Archery: If you’re looking for something a bit more relaxing, then we suggest to try some archery. It’s a great way to relax and try to make the perfect shot. Not to worry. There will be a guide who will teach you how to use your bow and arrow. You just have to be careful and its for FREE!

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Picnic: You can have the ultimate cabin experience by having a picnic! The resort will provide you with picnic basket and mat. You will also get picnic food including drinks! We just loved the pizza!

the cabin resorts

Pet-friendly: The best part is that the resort is pet-friendly! Our pet dog “Snow” had so much walking around the resort, going on the boat and chasing the turkeys!


Deluxe Cabin: ‘P7500

Max occupancy: 3 (but only select 2 pax upon booking to proceed. 3rd person will be paid upon checkout if there are any.) Additional PAX rate: 1,500 each (to be paid upon check out)

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Loft Cabin: 12500 PHP

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Picnic: P1150 (This comes with orange juice for two and (2) pizzas of your choice. You will also get a picnic basket and mat!)

ATV: P1000 (The ATV is good for two people. You can drive the ATV outside the resort and take a long ride near the farm! The ATV is good for 30 minutes but you can pay extra if you need the ATV for a long period of time. FYI: Don’t forget to put sunscreen!)


The best part about the cabin resorts is that any of time day, the resort is photography heaven. You can take great photos in the morning, afternoon and even at sunset.


Address: The Cabin Resorts San Miguel, Philippines

WiFi: Yes

Parking: Yes

Pet-Friendly: Yes

How to Book: Click here

All photos are taken by Jacque

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