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The Hammingtons Fly to Manila For First Fanmeeting

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This July is an excellent time for family bonding, as South Korea’s cutest trio will be in Manila.

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Sam, William, and Bentley will meet Filipino fans for the first time at The Hammingtons in Juanderland: Fanmeeting in Manila. The event is scheduled to take place at the New Frontier Theater on Sunday, July 17, 2022, at 3 p.m.

The South Korean celebrities rose to prominence in 2016 after joining the cast of “The Return of Superman,” a reality show featuring celebrity fathers and their offspring. Sam and William (now five years old) were the only original cast members. Bentley (now four) joined the group a year after his birth.

The three eventually won the prestigious “Grand Prize” (known locally as “Daesang”) at the 2018 KBS Entertainment Awards, along with the rest of the cast.

This year, the family made the decision to leave the show to pursue other opportunities. “Wilbengers: Suspicious Camping Commotion” is an animated superhero film starring William and Bentley alongside their father. The Hammingtons’ new variety show, “The Hammingtons’ Dream Closet,” premiered on the ENA channel just recently.

Outside of mainstream media, the boys are occupied with their own YouTube channel, “THE WILLBEN SHOW,” which now has over 350,000 subscribers.


The Hammingtons are excited to visit Manila despite their packed schedule.

This is an incredible opportunity, and we cannot wait to meet our fans. Sam Hammington, the family patriarch, remarked, “The last few years have been extremely difficult due to restrictions, so finally having the opportunity to meet some of our international fans is so exciting.”

Sam is a New Zealander-Australian comedian who rose to fame on “Real Men,” a South Korean reality television program. He was awarded “Best Male Newcomer” in 2013 for his outstanding performance on the show.

Sam described how the Hammingtons have begun preparing for the fanmeet with only a few weeks to go until the event.

“We are not attempting to prepare excessively because we wish to have an authentic experience while we are there. We have been attempting to learn Tagalog, but it is more difficult than we anticipated.”


Sam also stated that they are excited to try some of the fan-recommended foods, most notably “chocolate rice” (champorado in Tagalog).

When asked how the children reacted to the news, the 44-year-old celebrity responded candidly, “I have told them, but I don’t believe they fully understand where we are going. They are eager to embark on an international flight. But I am certain they will be excited when we arrive.”

Sam’s final message to fans was as follows: “First and foremost, thank you for your unwavering support. We would not be able to do what we do without your support. This is our chance to personally thank you, and we hope to meet as many of our fans as possible.”

The fanmeeting the Hammingtons will attend in Manila is just one of many Asian stops planned for the family. With WILD Group now managing their international activities, fans in Southeast Asia can anticipate seeing the group more frequently in person and on various media platforms.

This Saturday, tickets will be available online via TicketNet. Prices range from PHP2, 850 (Balcony) to PHP6, 500 for the convention (MVP). CDM Entertainment is the presenter of The Hammingtons in Juanderland: Fanmeeting in Manila.


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