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The Home of The Phantom Of the Opera, Palais Garnier Is Now Listed On Airbnb


Guests may now spend the night in the Parisian opera house that inspired the record-breaking musical The Phantom of the Opera.

In honor of iconic The Phantom of the Opera’s international acclaim, the Palais Garnier will offer a luxurious stay in the beautifully renovated Box of Honor.

As part of Airbnb’s commitment to heritage tourism in Europe, the traditional opera boxes at the Palais Garnier will be restored to their 19th-century splendor.

The return of ‘The Music of the Night’ to the location that inspired one of the world’s longest-running and most-beloved musicals, The Phantom of the Opera. To commemorate the global hit that will be presented in 15 countries in 2023, including a final bow on Broadway, “phans” will be able to book a night in the mysterious underworld where it all began — the famous Palais Garnier Opera in Paris.

The Box of Honor, one of the theater’s most exclusive private viewing locations, has been turned for the first time into a magnificent bedroom where guests will spend an unforgettable night, suiting the mystery and architectural magnificence of the Palais Garnier. Guests will also have the privelage to “haunt” the hallways of the renowned structure, including a tour to the true underground lake where the Phantom resides in the renowned novel.

Véronique Leroux, the hostess, is the great-granddaughter of French novelist Gaston Leroux, who created the world-famous ghost. Leroux stated, “My great-legendary grandfather’s narrative has inspired so many people over the years.” “Now is the ideal time to celebrate him and welcome ‘phans’ for a once-in-a-lifetime visit to the famous setting of his beloved novel.”

The dedication of Airbnb to heritage

The special evening at the Palais Garnier is the most recent heritage offering from Airbnb, following a series of initiatives and commitments by the platform to stimulate heritage tourism in Europe, such as heritage donations to historical home groups in Europe.

As part of this initiative, Airbnb is contributing to the preservation and improvement of the Opera’s heritage, including the continuing repair of the Palais Garnier boxes. Airbnb’s contribution will also fund the creation of the Opera’s streaming platform, which will aggregate the audiovisual content of the Paris Opera for a global audience.

About the stay

Guests will have the opportunity to sleep in the largest opera box at the Palais Garnier, the Box of Honor, which is often designated for visiting dignitaries. The magnificent chamber has been redesigned to provide guests with a special experience that includes:

  • The best seat in the house for appreciating the architectural splendor of the Palais Garnier and its stage.
  • Tour of seldom-visited, hidden regions of the Palais, including the Opera’s extraordinary private archives and renowned underground lake.
  • You will get a private ballet lesson with one of the dancers from the Opera de Paris Ballet.
  • Champagne and hors d’oeuvres were served during an intimate recital featuring the performers of the Paris Opera Academy.
  • Dinner at the opulent Foyer de la Danse, a private and historic dance rehearsal area used by dancers to warm up before a performance.
  • Guests will have a tour of the private dance studios beneath the eaves of the renowned opera house, where they will enjoy breathtaking views of the city of Paris.

How to book

On Wednesday, March 1st, 2023 at 6:00 PM CET (Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 at 1:00 AM PHT), fans can request to reserve an overnight stay at The stay will occur on July 16, 2023, on a Sunday. In remembrance of the Box of Honor’s number, this one-night stay will cost 37 euros (about Php 2,154)*. Let the dream commence!

The booking visitor must have a verified Airbnb profile, a solid track record on the platform, and be at least eighteen years old in order to submit a booking request. The maximum capacity is two people. Guests are responsible for arranging their own travel to and from Paris, France.

Phantom of the Opera is the musical

Since its 1986 debut in London, The Phantom of the Opera has been seen by more than one hundred forty five million people in 183 cities and 17 languages. The Phantom of the Opera is performed in the West End and on Broadway for almost 36 years. It has garnered nearly 70 major theater accolades, including 7 Tony Awards and four Olivier Awards, and is the longest-running production on Broadway. In 2022, a Global Edition of the soundtrack was released, which featured Andrew Lloyd Webber’s cherished score in its whole in seven global languages, as well as a special compilation disc.

In 2023, The Phantom of the Opera will be presented in 15 nations, 4 continents, and 7 languages. Visit to purchase tickets and learn where Phantom will be performed in your area.

*Plus applicable taxes and fees This one-night stay is not part of a competition.

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