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Things To Know About Gulf Kanawut

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gulf fan meeting in manila

GULF KANAWUT is coming back to Manila for his first fan meeting in the Philippines!

Gulf Kanawut, known as “Type” in the famous Thai Boys Love drama entitled “TharnType: The series,” will be back in Manila for the 2nd time around October 02, 2022, at the New Frontier Theater. Before we meet him live, let’s have some interesting facts and trivia that will surely make you feel more excited to see and interact with him personally.

Gulf kanawut Seorang pemuda manis yg memiliki kepribadian ganda Pemud… romansa Romansa amreading books wattpad

Gulf is a Thai Actor, model, and member of a Thai boy group called “Boyfriends.” He studied in all boys’ high school Suankularb Wittayalai, then continued his studies at the King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi where he majored in Industrial Education and Technology. In 2015, he made an acting debut in the series Luerd Mungkorn: Sigh.

Gulf’s original nickname is “Gup” given by his father? 

According to him, his nickname doesn’t have any significant meaning, so he changed it to Gulf. Also, his first name was originally “Nattharin” which means “Excellent,” but was later changed to “Kanawut” by his mother & father due to the realization that it was for the name of the girl. 

gulf kanawut

He changed his first name during his high school days. Lastly, his last name, “Traipipattanapong,” means Three Prosperities for the Family. During an interview, Gulf jokingly said that most people misspelled his name, but it’s fine for him, especially if they are his fans, but he has a favor “please pronounce his name correctly.”

Gulf loves playing football and games.

Gulf loves playing football and games. His favorite football team is Chelsea, while his favorite player is Didier Drogba. He didn’t miss any of his gym sessions. According to him, he would have been a football player if he wasn’t an actor.

facts about gulf kanawut

Gulf visited the Philippines last September 2019

Gulf visited the Philippines last September 2019 as the main special guest of an event called “Thai Fans Day.” In addition, this event happened before his famous drama “TharnType: The Series” was released. There were a lot of games and interactions with fans, and Gulf said, “He had a great time, and he was very happy to meet the Philippine fans. He wanted to go back again in the future”.

bl series gulf kanawut

He played the main character in the hit Thai Boys Love series called “TharnType: The Series

Aside from Gulf’s 2015 debut drama, he continued his acting career in 2019 with the hit Thai Boys Love series called “TharnType: The Series,” in which he played the main character called “Type,” a homophobic college student who had a dark past during his childhood days and started to fall in love with his gay roommate named Tharn. His career began to rise to fame, and because of its popularity not only in Thailand but also nationwide, including in the Philippines, they also released “TharnType Special: Lhong’s Story” in 2019, “TharnType 2: 7 Years of Love” and “TharnType Special: Our Last Love” in 2020, and “TharnType 2 Special: The Wedding Day” in 2021.

gulf in manila

Gulf and the rest of the casts from TharnType: The Series was supposed to have a fan meeting here in the Philippines in March 2020, but the producer announced its postponement due to the COVID-19 pandemic,.

interesting facts about gulf kanawut

Gulf was also a member of the Thai boyband called “Boyfriends.” It was a one-time project boy group under MBO and officially debuted on September 29, 2020. They consisted of 10 members,: Kao, Talay, Ritz, War, Perth, Tommy, Gavin, Kacha, Great, and Gulf. They were paired in duos, and each released song was added to the project’s self-titled debut Ep Boyfriends. Gulf, together with War, released the collaboration song called “Missing Baby.” The group had its 1st concert in Thailand in December 2020 and, unfortunately, got disbanded after the project was finished in late 2020.

gulf fanmeeitng in manila

Gulf held his birthday concert on December 06, 2020, entitled “A Thousand Stories of Gulf’s Happiness: Be My Wonderful Emojis.” He invited some special guests, and he also prepared a lot of performances. One of the night’s highlights was the surprised appearance of his screen partner Mew Suppasit. Gulf said, “I want to say thank you to P’Mew. Today is one of my special days and you are here.” His fandom is called “PhiBalls”; meanwhile, for MewGulf fans, they’re called “Waanjai,” meaning sweetheart.

Gulf Kanawut is coming to Manila

Don't miss the chance to be part of his 1st fan meeting in the Philippines. There will be a lot of perks and interactions with him, including the Group photo-op and send-off. Also, you will receive a signed poster, exclusive photocard, a souvenir show card, and a chance to win a signed polaroid.

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