Things You Need to Know about 2023 Hwang Min Hyun Mini Concert ‘UNVEIL’ in Manila

Mark your calendars PH HWANGDO as Hwang Min Hyun is coming to Manila. Local promoter PULP Live World and Happee Hour brings the much-awaited event – the 2023 HWANG MIN HYUN MINI CONCERT <UNVEIL> in MANILA happening on October 8, 2023 6 PM at the New Frontier Theater.

hwang min hyun mini concert unveil manila
Photo credits: PULP Live World

HWANG MIN HYUN, or Min Hyun, is a South Korean singer, songwriter, and actor. He initially gained attention as a member of idol groups from 2017-2022. even his pre-debut charisma and remarkable vocal finesse piqued the public’s interested. Additionally, Min Hyun captivated audiences with his impressive singing and dancing ability and his charm on stage. 

hwang min hyun concert unveil manila

Beyond the realm of idolhood, his journey extended to acting, notably in beloved Korean dramas like “Live On” (2020) and “Alchemy of Souls Season 1 and 2″ (2022). He also made guest appearances on various variety shows, earning praise from his fans for his natural humor and wit. Yet, this is just the prologue to HWANG MIN HYUN’s unfolding narrative. His debut digital single, “Universe,” initiated a series of triumphant tracks and OST releases, solidifying his presence.

hwang min hyun manila concert 2023

February of this year witnessed HWANG MIN HYUN’s eagerly awaited solo debut, unveiling the “Truth or Lie” mini-album, spearheaded by the captivating title track “Hidden Side.” This musical gem encompasses five additional B-sides – “Honest,” “Crossword,” “Perfect Type,” “Smile,” and “Cube” – each a testament to Min Hyun’s versatility and individual artistry. The album’s thematic essence revolves around embracing the diverse facets of Hwang Min Hyun. An intricate blend of pop, R&B, and hip-hop influences crafts an emotional panorama, showcasing his musical spectrum.

In June of this year, he announced the title of his first solo mini-concert: 2023 HWANG MIN HYUN MINI CONCERT UNVEIL>. This Asia tour will feature HWANG MIN HYUN’s standout performances and most memorable moments, which will leave a lasting impression on all of his fans.

Hwang Min Hyun Unveil in Manila Ticket Prices and Fan Benefits

Manila is one of his tour stops, and Filipino Hwangdo fans have waited a long time for this event. With a journey marked by achievement, an undeniable charm, and genuine rapport with his admirers, HWANG MIN HYUN has enthralled hearts. Prepare for a showcase of his musical prowess and his personable nature on stage!

hwang min hyun concert manila ticket prices
Photo credits: PULP Live World

Ticket prices ranging from 4,500 to 12,500. The tickets will go on sale starting August 20, 2023 via Ticketnet outlets nationwide or online via Fan benefits are PressCon & Fan sign, Signed polaroid , Signed poster, Goodbye Session, Special Gift and Souvenir and Show Card.

PH HWANGDO, this performance will unquestionably be a once-in-a-lifetime experience you won’t miss! Join us at the “2023 HWANG MIN HYUN MINI CONCERT <UNVEIL> in MANILA” on October 8, 2023, at 6 PM at the New Frontier Theater.  

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