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Things you need to know about DHRUV

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Dhruv Sharma, populary known as DHRUV, is a rising star in the vibrant music world, where melodies cut beyond national boundaries and cultural barriers. This young Indian pop performer, born and raised in Singapore, has won hearts and minds with his passionate voice and mesmerizing stage presence.

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Here are some fascinating facts about this young pop artist creating waves on the international music scene.

Multicultural Upbringing

His multicultural upbringing has influenced his musical identity significantly. Growing up in Singapore, a blending pot of cultures, he was exposed to various musical genres and traditions from an early age. Drawing inspiration from Indian classical music, Western mainstream music, and contemporary R&B, DHRUV created a vocal style that resonates with audiences around the world.

Early Beginnings

DHRUV has always had an innate love of music. He started singing at family gatherings and community events, where his mesmerizing performances captivated the audience. DHRUV’s parents encouraged him to pursue music seriously, establishing the groundwork for his future career in the industry by recognizing his passion and potential.

Internet Sensation

Like many contemporary artists, DHRUV’s prominence began on a digital platform. He began uploading original and cover compositions to YouTube in his early teens. The online community responded enthusiastically, and his channel acquired a sizeable following rapidly. This digital exposure was a crucial stepping stone for DHRUV to interact with his fans directly and showcase his talent to a larger audience.

Music Class

Despite his natural musical ability, DHRUV recognized the necessity of formal musical training to refine his skills. He received professional vocal training to improve the quality of his voice, and he attended music classes to increase his knowledge of composition and production techniques. This commitment to continually getting better has helped him grow as an artist.

Debut Single Achievement

The publication of DHRUV’s debut single in 2019 marked a career turning point. The “Something’s Changed” tune garnered widespread praise and heralded his entrance onto the music scene with a bang. The combination of its heartfelt lyrics and DHRUV’s soulful vocals struck a chord with audiences and established him as an artist to watch.


Inspirational Lyrics

The music of DHRUV is well-known for its unique combination of emotional lyrics and infectious melodies. He frequently incorporates personal experiences into his compositions, allowing listeners to relate to the emotions he expresses. This authenticity has garnered him a devoted fan base anticipating each new release.

Collaborations and Recognition

As a result of his increasing prominence, DHRUV has had the chance to collaborate with renowned artists from India and abroad. Not only have these collaborations expanded his audience, but they have also exposed him to a variety of musical perspectives, enriching his creative palette.

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