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TILA PILON HILLS: Mini Chocolate Hills Of Bulacan

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tila pilon hills drt bulacan

Are you getting the hiking itch and need to go trekking? Try visiting the famous Chocolate Hills of Bulacan which is near Metro Manila. The best part is not that it is only nearby but there are lots of Instragammable spots along the famous Tia Pilon Hills that will make your day hike worth it.

To get the best view of the entire Tila Pilon you would need to for an early morning hike or sunset hike but it really depends on your taste. The trek can either be a 30-minute trek or an hour trek. This would mean you have the option to either the shortcut or long cut, If you opt to take the shortcut, this would require a fee. You can make your payment at the stall where they offer drinks, chips, and other snacks.

tila pilon hills bulacan

We opted to take the morning hike since it wasn’t that hot like in the afternoon and took the shortcut. The shortcut has a fee since it’s a private property that we need to hike through. Along the way, you’ll experience a bridge, carabao, and a couple of vendors who will offer to sell you water and other items.

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We highly recommend bringing water, trekking shoes, and proper trekking attire. Bringing a towel is also a good idea since the trek does bring up a good sweat. The mobile is signal is quite low if you’re a SMART or DITO user but once you get up onto the hills, the mobile signal will be back to normal. The view on top looks similar to Chocolate Hills but the view is quite amazing from the top. You can get also take a great photo next to the giant Tila Pilon Hills sign. To get up the hills, you would need to be extra careful since the stairs to the hills are not stable and you have to pull yourself by using the rope.

Once you get to the top of the hill, you will notice below that there are certain spots where you take some great IG photos with the Tila Hiplon Hills behind you. You can try the Bali nest. It’s a smaller nest but it’s almost similar to the nest in Bali, Indonesia. Next up would be the giant bucket, where you can also make a great photo. Nearby would be the Bali swing. This is famous in Bali where the swing would go high where you feel that you might fall off the hill.

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However, nothing can beat the view of the Tila Pilon hills. There is another pathway where bikers can also ride their bike up all the way to the hills. The hills are also pet-friendly but it can be quite a task to bring your pet all the way to the hill. There is also a bathroom nearby where you simply to need ask your tour guide where the bathroom is. Tila Pilon Hills is also open for a prenup, where couples can take amazing photos along the road or on Tila Pilon Hills. Guests can also have the option to go camping at Tila Pilon Hills.

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Once you are done with Tila Pilon hills, you can actually take a pit stop at the Tila Pilon Hills Cafe. If you’re thinking of a good trekking spot near Manila, the Chocolate Hills of Bulacan is where a place you might want to add to your trekking bucket list.


Entrance Fee – 50.00 PHP per head

Tour Guide – 300.00 PHP per guide good for 5 pax

Parking Fee – Motor 20.00 PHP, Car 50.00 PHP




Location: 23 Kalawakan Rd, Kalawakan Proper 3009 Doña Remedios Trinidad, Philippines
Opening Hours: 6AM-5PM
Pet-Friendly: Yes:
Bathrooms and Shower rooms: Yes
Biking Path: Yes

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  1. Avatar

    Joaquin Eli Bacod

    March 4, 2022 at 12:16 am

    Wow tlga nman nkakamiss ng maghike . Npka ganda dito . May ganito pala sa bulacan ❤️ perfect ung ganda ng view tlgang nkakawala ng pagod ❤️😍

  2. Avatar

    Rowena Callo Villareno

    March 6, 2022 at 7:08 am

    Wow may ganito din po pala sa bulacan no need na mag byahe ng sobrang layo makarating lang sa ganito ka ganda place😍worth it din yung pagod pag akyat kasi sobrang ganda ng view

  3. Avatar

    Apart Cy

    June 25, 2022 at 12:33 pm

    Woww that’s great ❤️mini chocolates of bulacan,nakakatuwa naman ohh🤗ang ganda naman po dito,kay ganda naman puntahan with my family , sure mag eenjoy din🤗

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