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Top 10 FREE Browser-Online Games On PLAYS.ORG

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Staying at home can be pretty boring due to the pandemic. To ease the boredom, most people decided to find a new hobby or do something worthwhile. If you’re a gamer, you would probably spend more time on your Playstation or even use your mobile phone. Buzzsetter is lucky to find and found some awesome games that kids and adults would love.

If you’re wondering what is, it’s basically a FREE Browser-based online game, and they have more than 100 games on their website. We tried out some of the games that can help us pass the time, and we had a hard time picking out our favorites games, but we found a couple that almost anyone can enjoy. Here are some of the top 10 games that we love on!

Here’s the TOP 10 FREE Online Games on

Incredible Hulk Chitauri Takedown: Smashing Jumper Game


If you love watching the Avengers or Incredible Hulk movies, then you need to try this game. The Incredible Hulk Chitary Takedown is a simple game where you have to use the Hulk high jump and the famous Hulk Smash to destroy your opponents. The best part about this game is that you can jump as high as you can, just as the Hulk does in the Avenger movies!

Tom and Jerry Mousetrap Pinball: Online Pinball Arcade Game

tom and jerry movie 1

We can’t mention one person who doesn’t know this famous cat and mouse duo that gave us a bunch of laughs when we were kids. If you love playing pinball at the arcade, then why not try playing pinball on your desktop? Spend your night playing additive pinball on this Tom and Jerry game. If you love watching the old-school Tom and Jerry cartoons and the upcoming movie, you’ll love the pinball game! It’s simple, easy, and fun!

Batman Gotham City Speed Game: LEGO Collecting Game

batman 2

For all the Batman LEGO fans, you gotta try this game! Race around Gotham city and try to beat the bad guys by avoiding all the dangerous obstacles. Once you’re done playing this game, you might end up watching the Batman movies. We only wished that they added the famous Batman theme. It would have made this game so epic!

batman 1

Spider Man Mysterio Rush: Swinging & Flight Game

spiderman 1

Spider-Man can do anything that a spider can, especially in this game! Try to catch as many coins as you can by swinging around the city with your spider web and spidey sense. Careful. This game is not as easy as it looks, and it might need a little patience. But if you’re a Peter Parker fan, this is a must-try game!

Danger Mouse Ultimate Platforming Game

dangermouse 1

Danger Mouse is an epic cartoon that was famous during the 1980s. It was patterned after all the famous James Bond movies, and it’s back in this browser game! If you love playing Super Mario games, this has a similar game pattern. The only difference is that you’ll have two characters to play with, Danger Mouse and his trusted companion Ernest. You’ll have fun going through all the levels and have fun collecting gold coins! We got hooked playing this game and can’t get enough of it!

Ben 10 Alien Catcher: Quick Click Object Finder Game

ben 10 alien catcher 1

For the kids who love watching Ben 10 on the Cartoon Network, you’ll love playing this game. You’ll love the effects and the music, but the best part is that you get to catch aliens. Be the best 10 and catch as many aliens as you can!

Powerpuff Girls Unordinary Week Beat-em-up Fighting Game

powerpuff girls 2

This is a game that all the Powerpuff fans will love! Pick your favorite Powerpuff Girls (Blossom (pink), Bubbles (blue), and Buttercup (green) and use their famous punches and kicks to beat the robots. Guess what? Movies producers are planning to make Powerpuff Girls Live Remake!

Tetra Blocks:

tetra blocks 1

Anyone who ever played tetra will love this! If you ever had the brick game before, then this will definitely give you some memories. The only difference is that the blocks are much more colorful. Just simply use the arrows keys to change direction and the block. You will relive your childhood by playing this game. We got so addicted to the game that we played for more than (2) two hours straight!

tetra blocks 2

Mafia Billiard Tricks: Online 8 Ball Pool Adventure Game

mafia billiard tricks 1

Any Godfather or Goodfella movies fans here? We loved this game since it actually reminds us of the online billiard games, but this billiard game comes with a twist. It comes complete not only with a billiard game but has the infamous Mafia themes soundtrack. It really gets you in the mood. Who knows? You might end up as a Goodfella after this game!

Star Wars Rogue One Boots on the Ground Game

star wars 1

This game has to be our favorite especially if you are a Star Wars fan! The game is complete with the iconic Star Wars theme, and you’ll have to start with three players in the beginning. If you ever loved games like Command and Conquerer, Red Alert, and Generals, the game is almost similar to those iconic games. You’ll have to blast your way through the enemies and must somehow stay alive the entire game. Anyone can play this game, and there is no way that you can have fun playing this game.


There you have it guys! Some of the games have “unlocked games,” so you might have to win some challenging levels to unlock them, like the Powerpuff Girls: Unordinary Week. Each game has its own challenges, and if you need tips or instructions, they are displayed below every game on the website. You won’t miss it!

These 10 games are some of our favorite games but guess what! We found that constantly update their games almost daily, so we always check back if there are any new games by visiting:

Some of the new games that are currently listed are:

– Inspector Gadget Super Spy Gauntlet Running Game
– Ben 10 Alien Rush: Adventure Shooting Game
– Ben 10 Challenge Stinkfly’s Showtime: Cannon Firing Game
– Barbie Spy Squad Academy
– Dora’s Wonderful Wardrobe Girl Dress Up Game
– Bunnicula Harmonica Hopper: Snacking Snake Avoiding Game
– And many more!

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    August 23, 2021 at 11:25 pm

    Wow.. truly tanggal Boring po talaga.. Thanks for sharing this, Marerelax at magEenjoy ka po talaga, at Yung Iba dito Nalaro ko na before and Yes nakakawala po talaga ng boring habang nasa bahay lang.. nakakamis rin po talaga yang mga yan.

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