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Top 5 FREE Games On MortgageCalculator.Org

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Working from home online can be pretty monotonous, and we need some downtime. Most people decide to find a new hobby or do something worthwhile to alleviate their boredom. If you are a gamer, you may spend more time on your Playstation or cell phone. We stumbled upon and discovered some fantastic games that both children and adults would enjoy.

Mortgage Calculator Games

If you’re wondering what is, it’s the best free mortgage calculator to help you save money on your home loan. Estimate your monthly obligations, including PMI, taxes, and more. Tha games are set in categories>

Money Games include money counting and making changes. In addition, we have a few games that feature novel monetary concepts, such as Bitcoin and NFTs, the modern-day tulips.

Real Estate Games include buying and selling properties, building a thriving LEGO city, and cleaning up messes and germs. You can also construct stable structures or use dynamite to destroy them.

Food Business Simulation Games: operate a café, grocery store, farm, or another eatery.

Business Simulation Games: construct a mining company, manage a jewellery store, become a florist, or become a corporate tyrant.


Software Development Games: STEM games that teach children about coding logic and how software is created and tested, as well as an idle clicker game that focuses on building successful startup businesses.

Other Fun Games: games we enjoy that do not neatly fit into the categories above, including recycling, green energy, and a few food-related games.

We tried some games that can help us pass the time, and it was difficult to choose our favorites, but we found a few that nearly everyone could enjoy. Here are ten of our favourite games on


In Cash Back, players provide customers with the correct change using bills and coins.

Mortgage Calculator Games Cash Back 1

Choose to view the tutorial or begin playing immediately. Choose the settings for the game, including the level of difficulty (easy, medium, or hard), hints, and whether or not to display the change amount. Select the bills and coins necessary to make the correct change for the customer.

Tap the button labeled Give Change. Correctly answer as many questions as possible until time runs out. You may answer questions with a variety of different money combinations as long as the final amount exactly matches the change due.

Mortgage Calculator Games Cash Back 2


Coffee Shop is a one-month simulation game in which players adjust game settings to maximize profits from operating a coffee shop.

Mortgage Calculator Games Coffee Shop 1

This game requires players to manage their inventory, budget their cashflow, set prices, adjust their coffee formula, and plan to maximize their daily earnings by adjusting their business based on the weather. In this game, the demand for coffee increases during cold weather and decreases during warm weather.

This game teaches children several crucial aspects of business management, including:


You can purchase ingredients in bulk to save money, but some ingredients do perish. In this game, players must manage their coffee, milk, sugar, and cup quantities.
You are responsible for determining your coffee’s recipe in order to control ingredient consumption and per-cup blended costs.

Mortgage Calculator Games Coffee Shop 2

Pricing: You can maximize profits by adjusting prices up or down to increase sales volume or sell perishable ingredients below cost in order to dispose of them before they spoil.
Predicting Demand: In this game, the weather is an excellent indicator of changes in consumer demand. Changes in consumer demand affect both total demand volume and the propensity to pay a premium price.

Reading Consumer Feedback: In this game, many consumers offer price bubbles that indicate whether they are satisfied and what is wrong if they are not.
The only unfavorable aspect of this game is that it does not teach the significance of consistency in establishing a loyal customer base for a business, but the above features require significant day-to-day variation in order to make the game fun and interactive.


Pizza Cafe is a restaurant simulation game in which you must serve each customer the requested pizza as quickly as possible.

Mortgage Calculator Games Pizza Cafe

Examine the thought bubble above each customer to determine which pizza they desire. Lay out the pizza’s crust, sauce, cheese, and any other necessary ingredients. Once all ingredients have been added, reselect the pizza and place it on the conveyor belt for cooking. Serve customers before they lose their patience. The pizza travels from the left end of the conveyor belt to the right.

If you wish to bypass a customer on the left in order to serve one further to the right, you can grab the pizza’s plate and drag it toward the correct customer to the right. If you run out of ingredients, you can dial the phone to order more. If you are uncertain about the pizza’s ingredients, all pizzas have dough, tomato sauce, and cheese, and you can consult the menu above the phone to determine what else is required. Across the top of the screen, the game displays the level number, cash, level timer, pause and sound control buttons, the number of satisfied customers served, and the number of unhappy customers.


You run a pet store in the tycoon-style game Idle Pet Business.

Morgage Calculator Games Idle Pet Business

Choose the pet hamster to generate income from hamster sales. Utilize the earnings from hamsters to acquire additional pets, including cats, dogs, rabbits, and parrots. Scroll over each pet periodically while clicking the left mouse button to collect its earnings, allowing you to continue reinvesting in your shop’s growth.

Morgage Calculator Games Idle Pet Business 2

Invest in upgrades for each type of pet to decrease production time, stack earnings, and increase profits. You unlock pet-specific enhancements at levels 25, 50, 100, and 200. Share images of your pets on social media to promote your store and increase revenue.


Chocolate Shop is a 10-stage timed simulation of a confectionary store in which players present customers with their order options and promptly deliver them so that customers leave satisfied.

Morgage Calculator Games Chocolate Shop

Bring each customer a menu. Once they have decided what they want, a thought bubble will display their order and the amount of time that they are willing to wait for its delivery. Go to the appropriate machine to produce the desired chocolate or other food item.
Deliver their order. Periodically, you will decelerate. As this occurs, a thought bubble indicates that you could speed up by drinking coffee. Collect payment from the customer to conclude the transaction.

Morgage Calculator Games Chocolate Shop 2

You must reach your daily transaction goal before the timer expires to pass the stage. Customers may also place orders via telephone, although the phone does not display the patience indicator of other customers. As you progress through the game, your selection of products expands, and you must gift-wrap some of the chocolates. For machines that produce only one item, it is possible to leave a ready-made item. You can prepare one option in advance for machines that can produce two products simultaneously. You may carry two things at once.

These games are games that adults can enjoy with children. Families can learn and at the same time show the value of money to their children. Enjoy!

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