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Top 5 Online Games To Play On CulinarySchools.Org

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Ever dreamt of being a chef or do you just simply wanted to cook really good food but don’t know how? Now is your chance to bring your hobby or dream to life by playing some realistic and yet yummy cooking games on

Culinary Schools is the the leading website for culinary students looking for a school and career path that suits their requirements and goals. They highlight and review a wide range of cooking schools so that you may get the training and assistance you need to confidently enter the world of the culinary arts.

They have majors, culinary training and top schools in this website part is that also have fun games for us to play with especially if we have thoughts of entering the world do culinary. So instead of joining TV shows like MasterChef, we got our hands down and dirty by playing some fun games through this link:

Kids can be tend to bored especially during a pandemic so we found the top 5 games that they will surely enjoy playing on the website where the games are fun and safe.

Guess The Food

Guess the Food is a simple spelling game in which children insert letter tiles in the correct order from left to right to spell the food shown above. The default game is relatively short, with only four stages, and players can skip a level if they don’t know the answer. We absolutely love this game! Players just need to guess each food and collect points along the way. It’s one of the best ways on how you can you remember all the food names. Rate: 9/10

Burger Time

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If you’re a fan of In N Out, Five Guys or even McDonald’s, you’ll love this game! Burger Time requires the player to prepare one burger at a time, with the components placed in the same order as shown. If an error is made, the order can be discarded by touching the trash can, and the order can be served to a customer by clicking the check mark. Customers who are immediately serviced leave a tip. If an order is inaccurate or takes too long, customers will express their unhappiness and ultimately leave. They also have a Crazy Cooking Chef version of this game where the food is served on the beach. This game is a little fast-paced, so it’s best for kids in fifth and sixth grades. It’s an easy game that you simply earn by giving out the correct burger to the customer in a certain time frame. Rate: 9/10

Pizza Party

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The game is similar to Burger Time but the difference is that you make pizza instead! Pizza Party creates personalized pizzas using ingredients such as tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham, mushrooms, basil, and pepperoni for its guests. Because the crust is automatic, practically every order (save the ham and mushroom) starts with tomato sauce, there are few total ingredients to pick from, and you can add ingredients in any sequence, this game is easier than many of the others. This is a simple game to play. Kids in second and third grades should like it, while students in higher grades may find it tedious until they graduate to higher levels and have the option of preparing more difficult pizzas such as quattro stagioni in addition to the standard margherita, marinara, and pepperoni pizzas.For students in the United Kingdom, they provide a second version of this game that uses the £ symbol.

Coffee Shop

If you ever wonder how it is to run a coffee shop, now is your chance! It seems like an easy business where you simply pour coffee for the customer but there’s more to pouring just coffee in the coffee industry.

Coffee Shop is a simulation game in which you try to earn as much money as possible for Cafe Calypso over the course of a month. Stocking ingredients, ingredient deterioration, adjusting drink formulations, regulating drink price, and changing consumer demand depending on weather variations are all part of the game.Improve your reputation and cash flow by optimizing your inventory and pricing while creating a customer-favorite recipe. This give you a chance on how it’s like to run a day-to-day coffee business. It can be quite challenging. Give it a try! Rate: 8/10

Open Restaurant

Did you always wanted to run your own restaurant? Now is your chance by playing this restaurant game.Open Restaurant is an isometric restaurant game in which the player takes on the roles of Maître D’, waiter, waitress, cashier, and cleaning in a bustling establishment. This game does a fantastic job of demonstrating how busy restaurants are and how much work servers have to perform between seating customers, taking orders, providing meals, and collecting payments. The restaurant has an earnings objective for each day. Players that reach their daily earnings objective advance to the next day. This game can be played offline, but it takes about 30 seconds to load the first time you play. It has a lot going on, and younger children may find it overwhelming. It’s an excellent fit for pupils in sixth grade and up because it’s fast-paced. Rate: 10/10

Arcade-Filled Games

If playing food games is not your thing then we suggest to try our these games which are also available on the website.


Arcade Classic Games – Fruit Snake, Airport Rush, Food Delivery Rush
Platform Games – Candy Girl Adventure, Fruit Adventure, The Greedy Chef & more
Music Games – make noise or music with Tom & Jerry
Glass Filling Games – Happy Filled Glass, all 3 Filled Glass games, Fruit Splash, Liquid Orange
Physics Puzzle Games – Candy Pig, Milk for Cat, Cut for Cat, Jelly in Portal, Mortar Watermelon
Slicing Games – Cut Fruit, Fruit Slasher, Fruit Boom & more
Memory & Matching Games – Fruit Memory, Sweet Memory & more
Mahjong Games – Mahjong Solitaire & Mahjong Connect
Paint by Number Games – simple pixelated nonograms
Logic Puzzle Games – Fruit Tiles & Plumber Soda logic puzzles
Match 3 Games – Candy Fiesta, Donuts, Ice Cream Frenzy & more
Idle Games – Merge Cakes, Pancake Pileup, Spaghetti, Mummy Candies & more

We really enjoyed the games here since it gave us a first hand experience on how the food industry and the best part is that children of all ages can play these games along with their parents. This website is truly a game where they make learning fun!

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