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Top Cities To Visit In South Korea

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buzzsetter cities in south korea

Discover the best cities & top places to visit in South Korea! Find fun things to do in Seoul, Busan, Incheon or explore attractions & popular tourist destinations like Nami Island or Jeju.


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One of the best things about Seoul is that because of it being the country’s capital; you’ll find an abundant number of historic sites, shops, authentic Korean BBQ and attractions in the city.  You May also experience Seoul’s nightlife like having a dinner followed by karaoke rooms, bars, pubs etc.


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Gyeongju the place worth visiting if you are interested in the cultural heritage and architecture of various dynasty. It is also known as “the museum without walls”.


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Ulsan is known for its whaling heritage and industrial heart of the country. This seaside metropolitan city is actually rich with history, culture, coastal beauty, mountains and fields that can be introduced to the world


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Busan is home to Korea’s largest and most popular beach, Haeundae and largest department store in the world, Shinsegae Centum City. Aside from that this place is also known as the epitome of Korean street foods.


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Daejeon is known as the ‘Silicon Valley of Asia’ and home of various research institutes, laboratories, and science parks. They are also famous for their noodle soup, which is very special due to the noodles they’ve used.


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Incheon is known for the home to the best airport in the world. They offer a great escape from city life and spot for clam digging trekking, zip-lining, and even camping,


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Geoje has played an important role in Korea’s naval history. The main attraction of this place is its natural coastal beauty such as coves and grey cliffs overlooking the sea


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Suwon has a lot to offer for families coming from all over the world. From various tourist attractions to go on a shopping spree then have a taste at their Korean restaurants.


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Jeonju is a charming city in South Korea’s south-west, time slows down. Visiting this place is like being in a time warp because it is known as the spiritual capital of Joseon Dynasty

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Seogwipo is perfect for those who love waterfalls. Aside from this that they also have beaches, forests, parks, and other cultural experiences one may stumble across on Korea’s volcanic island. It is also where winter is warmest and spring comes first


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Yeosu is known as ‘beautiful water’ in Korean. It offers scenic views amid modern thrill.


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Known for its charming and scenic landscapes, Gangwon Province is located at the east of Seoul, which is perfect for those who love nature.


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When visiting South Korea you should consider Nami island on your bucket list. This place is well known as a filming location of a popular Korean romance drama called “Winter Sonata”. The place is perfect for nature lovers. There’s also a lot of activities in the island.


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Jeju Island is known as the ‘Hawaii of Korea. This place is paradise for nature lovers. The korean drama ‘Spring Waltz’ also made this place popular by featuring the fields of yellow canola flowers and the bright blue of ocean water


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Daegu is known as the ‘City Of Oriental Medicine’ and home to some of Korea’s coolest festivals. This place contains the perfect combination of contemporary charm andtraditional culture. Aside from that, it’s also the filming site of various popular Korean dramas.


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Tongyeong is known as the ‘Napoli of Asia’, as many harbourside hotels, cafes, and shops will attest. This place is also popular with the locals for its seafood, particularly oysters, and one of the holiday destinations for Koreans. 


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Andong, also called “the capital of Korean spirit”. It is known as a center of culture and folk traditions that’s why they make sure to maintain their ancient traditions. Every mid-October the Andong Folk Festival is held every year.

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    Hyun Jang Nim

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    I love this list 😊 I love korean coz of kdrama 😃 I wanna visit this place someday and this list is a very helpful guide 😃

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