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Vigan Vigan Foods: Home Of The Authentic Bagnet And Longganisa

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If you ever visited Vigan or plan to in the future; you’re in for a special treat! We will share some of the famous Ilocano delicacies from Vigan. We were lucky to some delicious bagnet and longganisa from Vigan Vigan Foods

Simply delicious bagnet from Vigan Vigan Food

The bagnet is a famous Ilocano pork dish that is known for its crispness while longganisa is the fat pork meat and is stuffed into an intestine wrap. A lot of visitors visit Vigan not only for the tourist sites but for its epic food as well.

We couldn’t get enough of the bagnet!

We were able to try the bagnet from Vigan Vigan Food and we were told that it’s authenic bagent from bagnet. The bagnet was already cooked so we had to was deep fry the meat.

Bagnet: It was soft and quite crispy depending on how long your deep fry the meat. Ours was golden in color but we liked our bagnet extra crispy and we loved it! Rate: 9/10

Longganisa: This longganisa was extra juicy inside! You just have to make sure that the oil really cooks the longanisa so it will give you that authentic Vigan taste! Rate: 10/10

You’re lucky since they delivery these epic Vigan dishes in Manila!

The pricing as follows:

  • Authentic Vigan Bagnet: PHP580/Kilo
  • Vigan Longganisa: PHP 250/Pack (12pcs Jumbo size)
We loved the longganisa!

Vigan Vigan Foods is open every from 9AM-9PM (Mondays -Sundays). They currently deliver their yummy dishes and they can be contacted through their Facebook fan page Vigan Vigan Foods or on their Instagram account at @viganvigan1994

Just a friendly tip: They’re great for pasalubong and for parties! Trust us. We know you’ll love it!

How to cook Vigan’s Longganisa and Bagnet?

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