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vivo Y35: A Flashy New Smartphone




vivo Y35 Cover Photo 1

Gen Z Filipinos, in particular, are thought to be constantly on the go and have a busy, fast-paced life, so they need a smartphone to keep up with them. All-in-one communication apps, browsing websites, playing games, listening to music, streaming movies and TV shows, and checking email are all things they should be able to do with the gadgets they need.

vivo Y35_Cover Photo

Vivo is getting ready to add a new phone to its Y series in September, which is sure to be a treat for Gen Z. The new vivo Y35 will come out and make a big splash in a flash. It was made to meet the changing needs of digital users today.

Key features of vivo Y35

Smartphones today run a lot of processes and apps in the background, meaning they use a lot of battery and usually run out of battery more than once a day.

Fast charging

Fast charging is one of the best things modern technology offers, and it looks like vivo is a step ahead in this area. There are rumors that the vivo Y35 will be able to charge quickly (44W) and have a large battery (5000mAh), which is rare for phones in the same price range.

Snapdragon 680 processor

The vivo Y35 will likely come out with a Snapdragon 680 processor, making it run more smoothly. It is also rumoured to be the first top-of-the-line vivo Y product to have 8GB Extended RAM. This lets you run more apps at once in the background and makes sure you can always switch between apps quickly and smoothly. If this is true, then the vivo Y35 is a strong contender for a smartphone. It will have high performance and less lagging.

50MP main camera

The images also show that the vivo Y35 will have three cameras on the back, including a 50MP main camera.


The vivo Y35 seems to be a good-looking phone since it comes in two stylish colours: Dawn Gold and Agate Black. The Dawn gold is based on the sunrise, while the Agate black is based on the way light and dark change in the sky at night.

Where to buy vivo Y35

The vivo Y35 will come out on September 10 at a very affordable price and with a lot of great specs and features. You can get real-time information about the vivo Y35 by going to the company’s website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube pages.

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