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Watsons’ Lipstick Festival: A Huge Success Selling 200,000 Lipsticks in Just 3 Days

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Watsons International Lipstick Day

The lipstick trend is making a strong comeback, and it’s even more exciting now due to the desire for revenge makeup shopping after wearing masks for so long. The super successful Watsons Lipstick Festival beautifully highlighted this awesome resurgence. They sold a whopping total of over 200,000 lipsticks during this event, with a crazy rate of 100 lipsticks flying off the shelves every single minute in Watsons, SM Beauty, and LOOK At Me stores. This achievement shows that Watsons has become the ultimate go-to place for beauty shopping.

Watsons International Lipstick Day
Photo credit: Watsons

From July 27 to 29, makeup lovers got to dive into a fantastic world of lipsticks. They got freebies and could grab lipsticks from cool brands like Maybelline, Ever Bilena, BYS, and many more, all at discounts of up to 50%! Whether you’re into Maybelline or Mac, matte or shimmery, Watsons covers everything.

Watsons knows that lipsticks aren’t just makeup; they’re a way to express your personality and style. Whether you’re all about the liquid lip or classic bullet, like a satin sheen or a bold matte finish, Watsons has exactly what you need.

This victory of the Lipstick Festival is a big shout-out to everyone who made it happen, and Watsons wants to give a huge thanks to all those who contributed to making this event such a hit.

So, if you’re up for exploring a world of lipsticks that match your unique charm, head over to Watsons. You can check out their wide range of makeup and beauty products on the Watsons online store or just visit a Watson’s store near you. Happy lipstick shopping!

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