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WayV Wows Filo-WayZenNies During Their 1st Fan Meeting ‘Phantom’ Tour In Manila


NCT’s Chinese sub-unit, WayV, graced the stage of the Araneta Coliseum once again for their first fan meeting ‘Phantom’ in Manila last Sunday, March 26. Members Kun, Ten, Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang prepared a lot of exciting performances that made the day special for the fans. It was the boy band’s second time in Manila—except for Ten and Winwin, following their attendance at the I-Pop U concert held in the same venue last October 21, 2022. 

As promised to Filipino WayZenNies, the boys returned to the Philippines for a solo fan meeting with spectacular performances and fan interactions. In addition, Manila is WayV’s first stop on its Asia tour. 

Here are the highlights of WayV’s fan meeting in Manila:

Whether you’re a fan or not, there’s no denying that all NCT units are well-known for being a complete package when it comes to talent, skills, and visuals. Many fans looked up to them and included them in their list of stan groups, so it’s unsurprising to witness the visible neo-champagne ocean from the venue. 

The show began precisely at 5 PM. Fans had gone wild when WayV entered the stage in pink and black outfits with an energetic performance of their song ‘Kick Back’ and ‘Try My Luck.’ 

One by one, the group introduced themselves and greeted the fans. The members were glad to meet their Manila WayZenNies. They prepared a “What’s In My Bag” segment for their fans.

What’s In My Bag

In the “What’s In My Bag” segment, Hendery showed some of his personal items. The first item was an Abanico fan, perfect for the country’s hot weather, followed by polaroid photos taken during their first visit to Manila for the I-Pop U concert. 

The first polaroid was a picture of Yangyang and Hendery in Harbour View. Yangyang revealed, “A little like TMI about this picture, it was our first time in Manila, and we went to a restaurant together…on a boat, right?

Followed by a photo of Hendery in MOA flashed on the screen. Hendery shared, “During our first visit to the Philippines, we really had a good time! We took a lot of photos, right? This was taken by Kun.”  

Since NCT Dream was part of the lineup during the I-Pop U, the members had a photo with Renjun on a Vikings ride at the MOA seaside. Xiaojun remembered the fan who called for him during the ride and searched for her in the crowd, but they couldn’t find her. The fourth photo was another group picture with Renjun at the MOA seaside.

Although it was a short visit, the members enjoyed their stay last year. According to Hendery, “We had an event that time, so after the event, we thought the Philippines is such a beautiful country. We have to go in here, so we tried to go some places together since we didn’t have much time, but we still enjoyed a lot.

Hendery’s second item in his bag were mainly snacks, such as the banana chips, which he revealed to have eaten in 2-3 packs. He also showed the vitamins that he brings with him wherever he goes. 

The hospitality of the Filipinos also touched WayV members as the hotel prepared stacks of snacks and welcoming pictures for the group. Hendery expressed, “Yesterday, when we arrived at the hotel, we really felt the welcoming spirit of the Filipinos and also from the staff.” 

Moving on to the third item in Hendery’s bag, the members quickly grabbed the travel brochures from the Philippines with famous destination spots like Boracay and Palawan. With confidence, Hendery stated while holding the map, “I don’t need this anymore. Do you know why? I already know here [Philippines] so well! I’ve been here a lot of times. We can say that two times is a lot, right? So, I know the Philippines enough.


On the other hand, Ten wanted to visit Palawan. He asked the crowd while showing the brochure, “I don’t know what this place is called, but I always wanted to go there [Palawan]. Do you know?” He continued, “Palawan? See you guys there!

The fans gave them the loudest cheer. Hendery added, “Everything is fun here in the Philippines, but there’s one thing I like the most. It’s performing here on stage.” 

The following items in his bag were a ‘good morning’ towel and a game controller. Hendery confessed, “As you guys know, I’m kind of a gamer, so every place I go, I bring this with me.

However, Xiaojun also mentioned that he always brought his games with him. Ten took the opportunity to give a TMI about Xiaojun, where they played the Hogwarts Legacy video game on PS5. Ten recalled, “When we went to Thailand, we played Harry Potter games!

The last two items from Hendery’s bag were nail clippers from Yangyang. WayV members looked for Yangyang’s mom in the audience and thanked her for the gift. Another item was surprisingly a meal in a plastic container that Hendery packed after he tried it backstage. He told the crowd, “We were at the stand-by room. I tasted this, and it really was delicious, so I packed it!

Surprise Stage Performance for the Fans

WayV prepared different stages for the fans and wore cute hair accessories—bunny ears and a tiara while showing some aegyo before the surprise. Luckily for SM Entertainment stans, WayV danced to Aespa’s ‘Illusion’ with the cutest hair accessories and facial expressions! It’s also a win for the Dreamzens because the boys danced to NCT Dream’s youthful song ‘Candy.’ 

When fans thought the surprise was over, the boys danced to SHINEE’s song, ‘Sherlock’! They then revealed that they’re big fans of their senior’s group. It proves that WayV is an all-around performer that can pull off different kinds of concepts, whether cute or daring. 

Stage Performances

After their special stages, they sang ‘Broken Love’ full of emotions with heavenly vocals, followed by the vibrant song ‘Dream Launch.’ 

WayV returned backstage for an outfit change, where they came back in grey and black suits for their hit song ‘Love Talk’ in English version. The sexy concept was the crowd favorite! Besides being one of the most iconic tracks, they performed it on the extended stage. Fans sang their hearts out while members performed with high energy. For the next song, they dedicated it to the fans who wore a diamond for the night since it’s called ‘Diamonds Only.’ 

With non-stop performances, they serenaded the fans with their upbeat song ‘Nectar’ on the main stage before taking a short break. While the rest of the members were changing backstage, Kun and Xiaojun serenaded the fans with a short acapella of their sub-unit songs ‘Back to You’ and ‘Sleepless.’ 

Ten, Hendery, and Yangyang returned in black tops and purple suits. This time, Kun and Xiaojun went backstage to change their attire. To entertain the WayZenNies, the three sang an acapella of their sub-unit song ‘Low Low.’

Before performing their last two songs, the members praised all the fans, crew, and staff who made the event possible. Each of the boys thanked the fans promised to come back soon, “We’ll come back soon!

WayV performed their most-awaited part of the show and latest comeback, ‘Phantom’! It was the group’s first time performing the song in the Philippines. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement after witnessing the members’ charisma while dancing, not to mention their powerful vocals! 

The boys changed into their WayV shirts for the last stage and paired them with denim jeans before ending the show with the ‘Good Life’ performance. Hendery reminded fans, “See you soon! We will see you again.

Members bid their byes to fans sweetly while singing ‘Good Life,’ but they also took the time to do a model walk in pairs towards the extended stage for a more genuine goodbye. They thanked all the fans who came endlessly and grabbed the stuffed toys on stage. Hendery promised, “We’re gonna meet again, right?

WayV fan meeting ‘Phantom’ tour was one for the books! It looks like WayV is planning to return to the Philippines again, but we’re definitely looking forward to it.

Buzzsetter extends gratitude to DNM Entertainment and In2ne Entertainment for the invite to 2023 WayV Fanmeeting Tour Phantom in Manila

Jonnie Ngo
Jonnie Ngo
Jonnie Ngo is an entertainment and lifestyle writer passionate about pop culture. She enjoys traveling and binge-watching both Korean dramas and Western shows. She’s also a huge fan of K-pop groups Red Velvet and BTOB.


  1. Thanks po for sharing pictures and videos of this fan meeting. One of the groups na full of visuals and talents, kaya for sure super nag enjoy ang lahat ng pumunta dito sa kanilang performances.

  2. Wow Naman ang daming ganap na nangyari at talagang napasaya nila ang mga fans nila … Parang sarap panoorin Yung Kung ano ang laman Ng bag nila super interesting po

  3. Wowwww napakamemorable po ito at ang dami pinapasaya na mga fans nito
    Talagang nakaattend dito ay nag eenjoy💯🤍


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