Wear Your Self-Assuredness While Inhaling Clean, Pure Air

We’re thrilled to announce that the improved LG PuriCareTM Wearable Air Purifier with VoiceOnTM is now available in the Philippines! LG released a thinner and smarter version of the first Wearable Air Purifier to the local market, building on the success of the first. LG has re-engineered its PuriCareTM Wearable Air Purifier, which was first introduced last year and was an innovative wearable device. The most recent model has improved overall performance, as well as a useful voice amplification feature and a more comfortable, lightweight design.

LG Philippines recently revealed the new Wearable Air Purifier with VoiceONTM during a virtual event hosted by LG Brand Ambassador James Deakin. The session began with a brief explanation about the significance of wearing a mask. The discussion was led by Dr. Ma. Adelina Sadili, a Consultant Pulmonologist at Makati Medical Center, who discussed critical pulmonary facts to remember throughout the pandemic.

Sungjae Kim, Managing Director LG PH (1)
Mr. Sungjae Kim (Managing Director of LGE PH) 

Improving air quality at home, which LG has been working relentlessly on, is one of her recommendations for strengthening and keeping one’s lungs healthy. The updated and enhanced LG Wearable Air Purifier is designed to improve air quality on the go.

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A fully automatic fan airflow control technology is included in the improved LG PuriCareTM Wearable Air Purifier with VoiceONTM, which improves breathing comfort. It also has two H13 HEPA filters, which are similar to those found in quality home air purifiers, to guarantee that the air the user breaths is as clean and healthful as possible. The device’s DUAL fans, which are powered by an ultra-compact and lightweight motor, work in tandem with LG’s airflow control technology, which recognizes the user’s breathing pattern and changes airflow accordingly, to assist the wearer breathe more easily and naturally. This innovative technology also prevents the lenses from fogging up when exhaling, which is a common problem for those wearing glasses and masks at the same time.

The improved PuriCareTM Wearable Air Purifier comes in two fashionable colors: Creamy White and Ocean Black, and features a fresh, new design that delivers a modest yet beautiful aesthetic. In addition, the device will be available in medium and large versions to accommodate a wider range of customers. Its seamless, ergonomic shape seals gently yet securely to the wearer’s face, reducing air leakage around the nose and chin. The current model, weighing only 94 grams, is ideal for everyday usage and is easy to wear for longer periods of time.

LG’s VoiceONTM technology makes it easy to converse with people while wearing the PuriCareTM Wearable Air Purifier. VoiceONTM uses a microphone and speaker built into the device to help effectively project the user’s voice so that they may be heard and understood.

“LG has been hard at work to create substantial methods to improve the new normal’s day-to-day operations.” LG PH’s Managing Director, Sungjae Kim, stated. “For almost a year, the LG PuriCareTM Wearable Air Purifier has been the buzz of the town, and now we have an even better version. I’m thrilled to share with you a brand-new product that’s ideal for the new normal.”

LG’s new Wearable Air Purifier is available in LG’s authorized retailers both in-store and online. Visit LG.com.ph for a complete list of our retail partners. You can also visit LG’s Official Flagship Stores:

Lazada: lazada.com.ph/shop/lg-official-store/ 

Shopee: shopee.ph/lgofficialstoreph

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