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WOODGRAIN VILLA: Hidden Pet-Friendly Tiny House In Laguna

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy a wilderness escape. There is no better place than the South for a quick trip with your pets! Woodgrain Villa in Nagcarlan, Laguna, is a rustic retreat ideal for brief getaways once travel restrictions ease.

About 2 kilometers outside of town, on a mountainside, there’s a 10k sqm+ parcel of land for sale. It’s a quiet, natural setting, with plenty of fresh air and a gorgeous mountain backdrop. For couples, small families, and close friends, this modest home is ideal. As an added bonus, you can see Mt.Banahaw from your bedroom’s private balcony.

Guests can even set up a tent in the backyard to enjoy a night of astronomy. To truly relax, nothing beats taking in the sounds of nature and letting the surrounding silence soothe your senses.

Even if you’ve been on lockdown, you’ve been listening to a constant stream of city noises, from honking cars to whizzing tricycles that show up on your Zoom calls at random intervals. Woodgrain Villa’s singing insects will lull you to sleep and help you wake up to the sounds of nature in the morning.

If you’re looking for a taste of nature, this rustic wooden villa is for you. You may expect a peaceful start to your day in this woodland, which is surrounded by lush vegetation. Laguna Villa provides one of the nicest views of Mt. Banahaw from the pool or from the comfort of your own bed.

With a king-sized bed on the ground level and two twin-sized air mattresses in the loft, Woodgrain Villa’s air-conditioned bedroom sleeps eight people. The front yard, where your pets can play freely, is visible from the room’s large window.

A private bath with natural spring water is located on the other side of the villa. There will be some natural sediments in the swimming pool water, but you can rest confident that they have been filtered and cleaned prior to your use.

The front and back gardens are ideal for setting up a tent and stargazing at night, in addition to serving as a play area for your pets.

Insects and pests will be a common occurrence, especially at night, but you may keep them at bay with the use of dried coconut shells and citronella plants. The caretakers will show you how to naturally repel insects!

The villa does not yet have any kitchen amenities. Guests can either bring their own food and drink or pay an additional P300 for the host to prepare a meal for them.


-Inverter split type aircon 
-Inverter split type aircon 
-1 bedroom plus a loft
-1 Main bed (full double) with memory mattress and comforter
2 floor mattresses and blankets in the loft
-1 Sofa bed
-4 Pillows of hotel quality
-1 bidet-equipped powder room 
-1 bidet-equipped powder room 
-Tissues, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hand soap
Griller, microwave, refrigerator, and electric kettle 
-Dining area 
-Griller, microwave, refrigerator, and electric kettle 
-Veranda tambayan space 

No corkage fee and pet-friendly!


•Disposable dining goods (plates, utensils, and cups) –
• Drinking water 
• Food
• Grilling charcoal
• Repellents for insects (Off lotion, etc.)
• Jacket


PHP 4,701.83 per night

You may bring food or ask our caretaker to buy it for you because we do not yet have a dirty kitchen facilities. We also offer culinary services for 300 php/overnight stay. Additional PHP 100 for their transportation to the town. This money flows straight to the inhabitants; the town has 7-Eleven, Andoks, a market, and so on.
The caretaker also run a tiny sari-sari shop where you can inquire about any available items.


Location: Barangay Entablado Nagcarlan, Philippines
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Buzzsetter updates you about the latest trends, food, travel, and entertainment. We love to share the latest buzz that you can share with your friends. Keep the BUZZ alive!

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