WOODZ Shares Stories About His Life In The Philippines, Meaning Behind His Latest Album, And More

woodz concert press conference manila

Korean solo artist WOODZ held a press conference before his much-awaited concert “OO-LI” at the New Frontier Theater.

Along with the media, Filipino MOODZ got the chance to attend the event last June 16, where the 26-year-old reminisced about his experience in the country. “When I lived in the Philippines, my dream was to become a singer. And now I’m a singer. I’m so happy,” WOODZ said. 

He also recalled the Filipino words he remembered which include “Salamat po,” “para dito,” “kuya,” “ate,” “direcho,” “kaliwa,” “kanan,” and “cute ako”—making his fans squeal in delight. On top of these, the Korean solo artist mentioned that the Philippines is a very meaningful country for him, and it’s where he met his closest friend.

In the mood

WOODZ’ first world tour and latest album are both titled “OO-LI,” a Korean word that translates to “Us, together.” While working on them, he realized that he wanted these projects to be meaningful, where he could create different kinds of content instead of having something that was only used once.

In the process of making “OO-LI,” WOODZ was able to reflect on who he really is. “My tour and album are important to me. I was worried a lot, but I was also able to find myself. The love and support given by my fans made me feel relieved.”

When asked about an important keyword in his album, WOODZ relayed that its honesty. “I want to reflect on how I was a pure and innocent boy in the past and how I wanted to be honest in the present and the future.

With a total of 7 songs, the Korean solo artist finds the single “Who Knows” as the one closest to his heart. He connected it to his stay in the Philippines and shared, “Who knows I could come here and be a singer?”. If there’s a track from “OO-LI” that he would like to recommend to new listeners, that would be “Drowning” since it’s the most popular from his album.

WOODZ is an artist through and through, and he gets inspired by the simplest thing. Just like when he was walking home, and he saw a tree, he immediately had a visual idea of how he would like to create new music. With this, he describes his stage persona WOODZ as someone who’s a planner while Cho Seungyoun, his real name, is more easygoing.

Together with MOODZ

“OO-LI” is truly an apt title for WOODZ’ album and world tour since he wants to be together with his fans. For him, his supporters are everything. “If MOODZ are not here, WOODZ is also not here,” he expressed. 

Buzzsetter extends gratitude to PULP Live World for the press conference invite to 2023 WOODZ World Tour [OO-LI] in Manila. The event was covered by Hanna Tamondong & Jacquelou Colitoy