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The Beauty of Yeongwol Seondol Cliff

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Wanna break away from the daily routine of your city life and enjoy time for yourself, then Yeongwol Seondol Cliff got your back!

Yeongwol is a county in South Korea. It is situated in the province of Gangwon-do and is well-known as the place where King Danjong, the 6th King of the Joseon Dynasty, was sent to live in exile after his uncle, who later became the 7th King of Joseon, forced him to give up his position. After six ministers were killed trying to bring him back to power, Danjong was killed and buried there in 1457 because he was still seen as a threat to the rule of his uncle.

yeongwol seondol cliff 1
Image source: Korea Tourism Organization

All About Seondol Cliff

Seondol Cliff is a short 2-kilometer drive from town, only a 100m walk from the main road. The cliff has withstood river erosion and presents a beautiful view in harmony with the blue water adding a particular element to the scene. It is also called Sinseonam Rock, and a 70-meter-high cliff in Bangjeol-ri, Yeongwol, that looks like a big knife cut it. A great destination to snap a picture on your way into or out of town.

A Korean legend says that your wish will come true if you make a wish while looking at Seondol from the edge of the cliff. When fall comes and the leaves on the trees turn red, many people come to Seondol to see the beautiful scenery.


Mountain 122 in Bangjeol-ri, Yeongwol-eup, Yeongwol-gun, Gangwon-do

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