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Yoshimeatsu: Unlimited Japanese-Korean Cuisine





Every one has Japan on their travel destination bucket list. Japan is not only known for its tourist destinations but its delicious Japanese dishes as well. But what about unlimited Japanese meat and dishes? It’s time to get first dibs and get unlimited meat at Yoshimeatsu in BF Homes, Paranaque.

YOSHIMEATSU is a Japanese and Korean fusion that serves unlimited yakiniku for the ever-loving Pinoy foodie. ! At the same time -Japan has been a favorite vacation destination for all the Filipino travelers and foodies out there so this restaurant brings the best of both worlds!

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Yoshimeatsu in BF Homes, Paranaque
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The moment you step in this YOSHIMEATSU branch, you’ll just love the state of the art grill and modern Japanese decor! The tables are cozy and perfect for every couple or family. You can’t help but feel like you’re experiencing the Tokyo nightlife. They even great signage in the branch and a Samurai sword!

PicsArt 07 06 03.13.22
Watch out for this neon light!

Unlike most Unlimited restaurants where the customer has to go to the buffet table to get more food, at YOSHIMEATSU, they have a modern food ordering machine where you choose your favorite dishes or drinks and voila! The food will be sent to your table by the ever courteous staff. It’s similar to being on an airplane where you press the button for a sandwich or drink with the stewardess bringing your request.

PicsArt 07 06 02.17.22 1
Doesn’t this just make you crave for meat?
PicsArt 07 06 09.57.36
Unlimited meat for your pleasure!
PicsArt 07 06 09.57.00
PicsArt 07 06 09.55.11
Take a look at the dishes!
PicsArt 07 06 09.54.16
We found this delicious!
PicsArt 07 06 09.52.58
PicsArt 07 06 09.52.27
We just thought that this heart-shaped pork intestine was cute!
PicsArt 07 06 09.51.53
PicsArt 07 06 02.18.27
You can also order these Lick drinks!
PicsArt 07 06 09.51.09
And more meat for grilling!
PicsArt 07 06 09.50.21
We love the sushi!
PicsArt 07 06 02.15.20
Once your order from the food ordering machine, the food will be taken from here!
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The perfect Japanese and Korean buffet!

Check out the complete menu:

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new menu
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They got also got take-out and delivery!

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If you’re not comfortable going out, they do offer take-out and they got the “Naked Sushi
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You don’t want to forget your #yeahkiniku experience!
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You can also order tebasaki, karaage, gyu katsu balls and lots more!

So if you’re in the South and looking for unique Japanese cuisine experience, make sure to drop by or pick up some Japanese grab on the way home for only P599! You won’t regret it! Arigatōgozaimashita!

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