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Yummy Ube Treats From Ubelizcious!

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Ube seems to be the latest trending food topic in the Philippines other than baked sushi. The ube is a purple yam which is a bright purple sweet potato with an even sweeter with a slightly nutty and vanilla taste. We found Ubelizcious and they amazed us with all their Ube products. These would be perfect to take as gifts for the entire family. Now let’s get started!


According to the owner, their shop is called “UBELIZCIOUS” since most of their products are made of authentic purple yams/UBEs. The LIZ is the owner’s birth name while CIOUS in their brand because their customers are complimenting that their products are deliCIOUS, which is true!


Miss Liz started baking when she was in high school since her mother was a teacher and a part-time baker. She continued her baking journey and enhanced her baking skills when she worked in San Miguel Mills Inc. as a Baking Specialist.


The UBE CAKE ROUND SPECIAL is the best-seller! Their customers celebrate their memorable and special events with their loved ones in which they order this item to share their great memories and cake.

The second best seller is UBE CHEESEDESAL which is served freshly baked


UbeLIZcious is unique compared to other brands because they use 100% pure ube in their products and it has no artificial flavoring! We were certainly blown away with three of their Ube products: Ube Cheesedesal, Ube Ensaymada and Ube Round Cake!

  • Ube Cheesedesal: The ube mixed with cheese makes it a great combo! Rate: 10/10
  • Ube Ensaymada: The ube taste so pure and fresh! Rate: 10/10
  • Ube Round Cake: This cake is huge! It took more than 5 people to eat this! Rate: 10/10


  • Round Cake 8×4 (classic): PHP 400
  • Round Cake 8×4 (special): PHP 550
  • Rectangle Case 9×12 (classic): PHP750
  • Rectangle Case 9/12 (special): PHP 950
  • Cheese Ensaymada (box of 6): PHP 500
  • Ube Cheesedesal (10pcs/pack): PHP 200

So what are you waiting for? Surprise your loved ones with these delicious Ube goodies! You can order by contacting them on their Facebook fan page ubelizcious or on their Instagram account: @ubelizcious. You can also dial +63 966 498 9015.