CASA DE DIOS RESORT: Hidden Mediterranean-Inspired Private Villa In Rizal

We were itching for the Mediterranean style of staycation and we happen to find one in Taytay, Rizal and it did not disappoint! Casa De Dios is just perfect for families who are looking for a bit of privacy and away from the busty life in Manila.

casa de dios resort

It’s forty minutes drive from Ortigas to Casa De Dios but it has a lot of uphill roads that you need a good car or SUV to handle the uphill roads and some construction. The moment you enter the resort you will notice the huge house on the side along with the stairs that lead to the house and to the swimming pool. You will also the greenery around the resort along with a huge wall portrait of a giant sun. The swimming pool is just as elegant as the lion statues that shoot water from their mouths. A kiddie pool is right above the main swimming pool which is covered with a Mediterranean design. Just right next to the swimming pool are the lion shower states on the wall.

casa de dios resort

The swimming pool is also surrounded by beach chairs and umbrellas. The beach chairs which are covered in red match the swimming pool along with the outdoor decor. The swimming pool is on 24/7 which means guests can switch off the swimming pool at any time.

Nearby the pool, a BBQ grill can be used to heat up some delicious BBQ meat. There are more outdoor tables and chairs and a large wooden table right under the house. A separate plastic table can be added if there are guests in the resort. A karaoke machine is also placed right next to the table next to the free WiFi. There are also shower rooms near the swimming pool.

casa de dios resort

The resort is truly a paradise at an affordable budget that even once you get into the house, you will in awe. There is a huge living room and kitchen which means there is plenty of space for a party. The chandelier along with the states and blue painted chairs completes the living room. Upstairs is quite instagrammable that you can take a great photo from the top and the bottom of the house.

There are two rooms available which are adjacent to each other. Guests can look below and see the entire living room from the top. One room is a maid’s room while the other is a Master Bedroom with two beds which comes with some unique interior. The room is air-conditioned but it comes with an electric fan as well. The balcony view would be the best part of the house since it gives an amazing view of the swimming pool and resort.

casa de dios resort

The best part of the resort is that it gives absolute privacy for its guests and it’s perfect for a large group of friends or family. It’s great for family reunions or just a simple quick getaway from Manila. The resort is also pet-friendly both too big and small dogs. The only catch is that you need to make sure that you bring all your food and drinks with you since the nearest store and gas station is almost 7 blocks away



Location: 14 Cabrera Rd. Brgy. Dolores 1920 Taytay, Philippines
Pet-Friendly: Yes
Contact Number: 0915 502 0519
Email Address: [email protected]
Parking Available: Yes
Bathrooms: Yes and Shower Rooms

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