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HYGGEPLUS +: Scandinavian-Inspired Staycation In Tagaytay!





HYGGEPLUS+ is your new Tagaytay vacation house. This home was transformed into a Nordic retreat after being inspired by the Scandinavian notion of “Hygge” lifestyle. We also think that “less is more” and that what counts most is the visitors’ comfort and needs. It’s just the right quantity of stuff.

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This lovely and newly renovated one-bedroom apartment property is ideal for a relaxed visit. Our 32-square-meter Scandinavian Minimalist apartment was created with comfort in mind, having a living room, kitchen, and dining area. The space is ideal for a couple, a small family, or a group of friends who want to be close to everything in the city.


Hygge (pronounced “hyu-gah”) simply means “comfortable.” It’s a Danish cultural ideal of pleasant, happy comfort and togetherness that people make time for in their daily lives. “The wonderful feeling you get from a well-curated, warm, and visually pleasing atmosphere,” as it’s known.

The focus of the HYGGE-inspired home is on Scandinavian and minimalist decor. Our goal is to present our guests with a one-of-a-kind experience that feels like home by creating a calm, serene setting that is clutter-free, basic but beautiful, and warm, comfortable, and soothing.

TAGAYTAY ROTONDA should be your first pick if you’re seeking for a great location that’s close to everything. It is located in the heart of the city. It is a short distance from popular landmarks and a transportation hub for visiting Tagaytay’s most popular tourist attractions. We are easily accessible to Picnic Grove, People’s Park, Crosswind Tagaytay, Sky Ranch, Twin Lakes, coffee shops, and restaurants due to our strategic location.



The apartment is on the 4th floor and faces Tagaytay Executive Village (at the back of Cityland building). The living room is adjacent to the balcony entrance. Although there is no view of Taal Lake, the roof top viewing terrace on the 24th level is worth a visit. The platform offers a spectacular 360-degree view of Tagaytay downtown as well as a panoramic view of Taal volcano in Taal lake.

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The balcony is an ideal spot for a morning coffee, thanks to the cool Tagaytay wind. During your stay, you can also enjoy the taste and scent of our quality “KAPENG BARAKO” (local Liberica coffee beans), which is gratis. You can bring your TRIPOD or BINOCULAR to the rooftop viewing deck to take photos and enjoy the view.

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  • They can only accommodate FOUR (4) people. Our air conditioner can keep the entire area cool. Keep the door to your bedroom open and change the temperature as needed.
  • Sleeps two people in a double bed (54″ x 75″)
  • For the third visitor, a pullout single bed (38″ x 75″) is available.
  • For the fourth guest, an airbed (39″ x 75″) is available (outside the bedroom)


The plush bed will provide you with a peaceful night’s sleep. This isn’t your typical bed. We slept in a number of Airbnbs, and one thing we noticed is that most hosts overlook the quality of the mattress, linen, and other sleeping necessities. We understand that a good night’s sleep is a privilege, so we prioritize your comfort. The bedroom features a comfortable double bed that sleeps two people. It has a pull-out single-sized bed that can sleep one more person.

  • Double bed (54 x 75″) with four deluxe giant bed pillows, two throw pillows, a duvet (comforter), and a throw blanket
  • Pullout single bed (38″ x 75″) with duvet and two premium large bed pillows (comforter)

TCL 43 + “UHD TV for Android (Youtube, Spotify, etc)

  • TV has Chromecast built-in, so you can stream content from your phone or tablet.
  • Netflix Premium membership
  • Prime Video on Amazon (Amazon Originals)
  • Remote-controlled air conditioning
  • Dresser/laptop desk
  • WiFI
  • Ethernet cable (Ethernet connection)
  • Ceiling fan with remote control
  • LED light that may be controlled from a distance (Cool, Natural or Warm)
  • An umbrella is kept in the clothing cabinet.
  • Ironing board and dry iron
  • Reading resources and books
  • A blow dryer
  • Suspenders


The living room is where you’ll find all of your entertainment. A location where you can hang out, watch Netflix TV shows, play Playstation games, and spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. We have two Netflix and Amazon Prime Video accounts, so you may watch in both the living room and the bedroom.

You may now enjoy the new Android TV’s crystal-clear clarity in 4K resolution. NETFLIX Premium 4K entertainment and 4K games on PS5 are a perfect match.

They covered the sofa in a sofa cover for sanitary reasons. The sofa has been sanitized and cleaned. After each reservation, the sofa cover, throw pillow cases, and throw blanket are replaced with new ones.

  • A elegant three-seater couch with a sofa cover, three throw cushions, and a throw blanket
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SONY Bravia 43 SONY Bravia 43 SONY Bravia 43 SONY “Android TV with HDR Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD 4K

  • PS5 with three wireless DualSense controllers, more than a hundred games, and a PS PLUS subscription (online multiplayer)
  • PULSE 3D Wireless Headset for PS5
  • Netflix Premium membership (Ultra HD 4K)
  • Apple TV+ is now available on the PlayStation 5 platform.
  • TV has Chromecast built-in, so you can stream content from your phone or tablet.
  • Prime Video on Amazon (Amazon Originals)
  • Ceiling fan with remote control
  • LED light that may be controlled from a distance (Cool, Natural or Warm)
  • WiFi Mesh system and PLDT Home Fibr (50Mbps)
  • Telephone (landline) (within Cavite only)
  • Charging station with multiple USB ports

BELKIN Wireless Fast Charging Pads (Dual)

  • Shoe storage cabinet
  • Air mattress (39″ x 75″)

You can also use these tools to take photos and enjoy the view of Taal Lake from the rooftop viewing platform.

  • Mobile phone and digital camera tripod
  • Binoculars for professionals (long range and high definition)


The completely functional and modern kitchenette comes with all of the necessary kitchen appliances, utensils, and dinnerware for cooking, storing, reheating, eating, and drinking. When not in use, the dining table is folded down and may be enlarged to accommodate more guests to keep the unit spacious.

Please keep in mind that their kitchenette is just for LIGHT COOKING, such as producing basic recipes that take less time to prepare. It’s good to eat steak, pasta, noodles, soup, stew, and breakfast meals. NO COOKING WITH A “STRONG SMELL,” such as dried or smoked fish, etc.

  • There will be some welcome delights waiting for you.
  • Cooking basics such as pots, pans, salt, pepper, cooking oil, sauces, herbs, and spices In the kitchen pantry cupboard, we have a “Spice Nook.”
  • Stove with built-in induction cooktop and range hood
  • silverware and dishes (bowls, plates, cups, etc.)
  • Four-seater dining table that expands
  • Minibar and refrigerator (cold drinks are for sale). Snacks are also available for purchase in the pantry cabinets.
  • The separate faucet (on the left) is safe to use for drinking and cooking. It has a four-stage water filtration system installed under the sink.
  • Dishwashing liquid and a new sponge supply
  • Oven for microwave
  • Rice Cooking Machine
  • Kettle for boiling water
  • Pop-up bread toaster with two slices
  • Water pitcher made of glass
  • Chopping board and knife made of ceramic
  • There are wine glasses available.

COFFEE BAR (Coffee and Tea station)

When visiting Tagaytay, you must sample the Kapeng Barako. It’s a LIBERICA type of local coffee beans. Enjoy our quality “Kapeng Barako” from Cuenca, Batangas, as a delightful morning coffee on the terrace with a cool Tagaytay air.

  • It’s always best to eat something fresh. The coffee beans are left whole so that you can grind them for maximum freshness.
  • Learn how to make your own coffee like a barista. Coffee can be made in a variety of ways, including Chemex, Espresso Maker (Moka Pot), French Press, or Drip coffee maker.
  • Water kettle for pour-over coffee
  • Coffee grinder (electric)
  • Milk Frother (Automatic) (e.g. for Capuccino)
  • Tea cups and double-walled glass cups
  • During your stay, all guests will receive complimentary bottled water, instant coffee, tea, and hot chocolate.


The new toilet and bath will pamper you. This area has just been remodeled to give you additional space and comfort. Separate comfort room (toilet) and shower room are included in the unit. The bathroom features a water heater and a rain shower head, and the toilet has a bidet. In the living room, there is a hair dryer (wardrobe).

All guests are provided with the following necessities:

  • Towels for the bathroom
  • Towels for hands
  • Paper towels
  • A good shampoo
  • Shower gel or body wash
  • Wash by hand
  • Soap bars
  • Mouthwash


They signed up for a PLDT Home Fibr plan with a speed of 50Mbps. In contrast to DSL, a fiber Internet connection allows for nearly equal download and upload speeds. It is the quickest option in town.

Fiber Internet is great for 4K Netflix viewing, posting movies to Youtube, working from home, and more. For a better, safer, and more consistent WiFi connection across our home, we changed the router to a smarter Mesh WiFi system (with built-in ANTIVIRUS). It has two WiFi Mesh point devices, which replace the “conventional” router with a novel method of delivering internet connectivity. DEAD SPOTS ARE GONE!



DualSense controllers with tactile feedback and adaptable triggers, faster, futuristic, minimalist, smooth images With PS5, you may try out the next-generation gaming console.

They’re  giving away their brand-new PS5 1TB game console to your family and friends. There are two (2) wireless DualSense controllers included, as well as more than 100 games to select from. There is no need to enter a gaming disc into our PS5 because it is a digital edition. With a PLAYSTATION PLUS subscription, you can enhance your Playstation experience with online multiplayer and additional games. Using the unique PS5 remote control, you can easily switch between Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on PS5.

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DECORATION SERVICE FOR THE ROOM (subject to availability)

The room decoration service will delight your loved ones. We welcome birthdays and anniversaries for any occasion. Depending on your budget and requirements, we can personalize.



The use of the pool is free of charge. There are no additional fees. However, please be aware of WHAT TO EXPECT, especially on weekends and holidays when there is a high volume of visitors. Book it on weekdays or during non-holiday periods to enjoy the pool with fewer people. There is no heating in the pool. Using the pool during the cold season may be uncomfortable.

The pool is located on the third level and is open everyday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., except Mondays and Thursdays when it is cleaned. If immediate maintenance is required, the pool might be closed at any time.

Users of the pool must first register with the assigned attendant. Swimming attire must be worn at all times, and the pool can only be used by a maximum of four people at once.

Pool space is limited to 50 people at a time and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


The rooftop viewing terrace on the 24th level offers the greatest view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano. It also has a running route and a relaxing space. What is the best way to get there? Take the elevator to the 23rd level; there is a nearby door that leads to the 24th floor stairs.


They don’t have a parking spot of our own. There are guest parking spaces accessible in the building:

1) At the entrance to Olivarez Road, on the ground floor.

2) Near McDonalds on the third floor of the Tagaytay-Calamba road entrance.

Fee for parking (good for 24hrs)

PHP50 for repeated entries on weekdays


PHP50 per entrance on weekends and holidays

NOTE: Guests may be limited to first come, first served parking places during holidays and high season. Expect high traffic in Tagaytay, so plan your travel ahead of time. If you have any problems, you can park in the empty lot (ground level) facing Tagaytay Executive Village. P300 is the parking fee.


  • Guests aged 18 and over must be fully vaccinated (documentation necessary); if not, guests must be able to show a Certificate of Clearance from the LGU of origin given no more than 5 days before to their stay (health certificate from barangay or municipal health office).
  • The house is unfit and dangerous for children and infants. Only for those aged 13 and over. MINORS DO NOT NEED VACCINATION OR A HEALTH CERTIFICATE.
  • All attendees must present a copy of their government-issued identification or, if a student, a copy of their school ID. During check-in, each group of visitors must surrender one government-issued ID.
  • When guests are outside the unit, maintain social distance and wear face masks.
  • Completed Health Declaration Form, which will be issued by the condominium administration.
  • They can only accommodate a maximum of 4 people.
  • At the lobby entryway, all guests must submit to temperature scanning and use the disinfecting mats. Those having a body temperature of 37.50 degrees Celsius will be denied admittance.

Is it possible for me to make a reservation on behalf of a friend or family member?

They do not allow bookings on behalf of a friend or family member, or bookings that are afterwards used for other persons. Because they rely on information from Airbnb profiles, reviews, and other verifications to ensure openness and confidence, we require that Airbnb reservations be made by the person who will be staying at the property.

House Rules & Regulations for Condominiums (Strictly Prohibited)

  • Smoking and littering on the balcony (particularly cigarette butts).
  • Clothes and fabrics can be hung on the balcony.
  • Sweeping up dirt and dumping trash in halls.
  • In our halls, there is loitering and excessive noise.

Security Deposit on Airbnb

The security deposit is not required to be paid at the time of check-in. In the event of a loss or damage to the property, the host has the right to seek reimbursement from Airbnb for your security deposit.

How can I make a reservation or book a room?

Airbnb accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Major credit cards are accepted
  • Credit and debit cards (ATM cards with Mastercard or VISA logo only)
  • Reloadable prepaid credit cards, such as GCash Mastercard and Paymaya VISA.

Whether the reservation is two days or two months away, Airbnb reserves the payment for the host for 24 hours after check-in. This allows both the guest and the host to double-check that everything is in order.

Debit cards are used to make purchases.

A Mastercard or VISA logo should appear on your ATM card. For online transactions, debit cards have a default maximum amount or limit. Please make certain that it is increased. Your debit card should be able to make overseas purchases, such as on Airbnb. Because of these difficulties, your bank may deny or block some debit cards. Please contact your local bank for assistance if your card is still being rejected.

Credit cards with a pre-paid balance

You can get your own reloadable prepaid credit cards if you don’t have a credit card. This card can be obtained from your bank, SM or Robinsons department stores, or National Bookstore locations. Please check the Bills Payment, Concierge, Customer Service, and Information Desks of major department shops and supermarkets. These cards can also be purchased from convenience stores.

When will I be billed for my reservation?

If the host approves your request, or if you use Instant Book to book a reservation, your payment method will be debited as soon as your reservation is confirmed.

  • If the entire bill is less than PHP 2400, you must pay in full (USD50)
  • Choose Partial Payment if your total cost is at least PHP 2400 (USD50); this option is only available for bookings made in advance (more than 14 days earlier). A partial payment equals about half of your total bill.
Compress 20220306 073108 8068


Location: Tagaytay, Calabarzon, Philippines

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    Yay for me😍 perfect for staycation talaga comfy po mag stay jan so relaxing pa ng room. Thank you for sharing complete details po.

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    March 7, 2022 at 12:29 pm

    Wow must visit this place ! Dito tlga perfect mag staycation . Kumpleto na lahat . Mag eenjoy at mag rerelax nlng . Sulit na sulit 😍❤️

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