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Hidden Instagrammable Tiny House Container In Tagaytay!

The best way to have an enjoyable staycation is an affordable one! We happen to find a hidden tiny container in Tagaytay, Cavite and the best part is that it’s pet-friendly! We loved pet-friendly resorts or hotels since it allows us to bring our furbabies on our travel adventures.

This hidden container is actually located right behind the Loft. It’s is one of the places that is also pet-friendly and one of our favorite staycations areas in Tagaytay. If you’re looking for a pet-friendly staycation with a sense of privacy then the “Tiny Container” would be your best bet!

You will need to drive through a narrow road to get to the tiny container. Parking inside the garage area can be quite challenging so you need a good skillful driver who can drive your vehicle. Once you enter the premises you’ll be greeted by the sleek and black metal container. It matches perfectly with the plants in the background and the small stones on the ground.

There is a beautiful wooded table and seats right in front of the container with garden lights above which glows up in the dark. The best part of the table is that it converts into a BBQ cookout. You can cook and eat your favorite BBQ while enjoying the fresh air. Just right next to the table, is a place where you can do a bonfire so that you warm yourself up at night.

The container door is a glass door so you can easily see what’s inside the container. The container floors and walls are made from plastic wood but it’s still comfy to your feet and eyes. It has all your basic amenities which include: a pot heater, microwave, rice cooker, and a kettle. They also happen to have a fridge with plenty of beverages and drinks including Corona and pineapple juice. A huge water container is also available with salted egg chips at the top of the fridge.

The living room is right under the bed. It’s actually one of the best spots to take a photo! The living room contains a comfy sofa come bed with lovely inspirational posters. Guests will also have access to a huge flatscreen TV, a large speaker, a ukulele, and a PlayStation! Guests will have access to WiFi and can connect to YouTube and Netflix.

Once you go upstairs to your bed, there is a comfy mattress, with pillows and blankets along with an electric fan. You also get a great of the entire room from the top and a view of the outdoors through your window. The best part about the Tiny House Container that you can fit a big group of family and friends in this Tiny Container! You’ll be surrounded by plants and books so there’s no way you can get bored.

We just love the fact that the Tiny House Container is also pet-friendly. The parking can be quite a challenge since roughly around two vehicles can fit inside the Tiny House Container. The area is roughly safe with CCTV monitoring the area 24 hours a day. If you’re looking for a bigger space you can also rent “The Loft” which is connected right next to the Tiny House Container. There is an access door where guests can easily go from one house to the next.

Here’s a tip, you might want to add body massage and relax those muscles. You will leave Tagaytay relaxed and a brand new person!



Address: Mendez, Tagaytay (right behind the Loft)

Check In and Check Out: 2PM – 12NN

Price: PHP 5000 (2-4 pax) excess PHP 700 each maximum 6 pax

How To Book? Click here or contact them on their Facebook page.

Contact Number: 0915 774 9752

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  1. I wanna visit this, malapit lang pala. I’m a fan of tiny house nation kaya it’s a big yes for me. I love their interior design, it is admirable how they maximize the spaces well.

  2. Wow a bit interesting po nito.
    Such a perfect place for staycation.
    Realaxing and affordable po.
    And Good thing pet friendly


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Buzzsetter updates you about the latest trends, food, travel, and entertainment. We love to share the latest buzz that you can share with your friends. Keep the BUZZ alive!

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