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ETHAN’S CABIN: Hidden And Affordable Cabin In Tagaytay!

Cabin staycations are one of the most popular places to stay in Tagaytay but a majority of them can be quite expensive especially if you’re a big group of friends or family. We happen to find this hidden cabin in Tagaytay which is instagrammable and just as affordable! Ethan’s cabin happened to be one of the most affordable cabins to stay in Tagaytay.

The only challenge is that you would probably need a truck or an SUV since the road can be quite slippery especially when it rains. For guests who do not have an SUV, they can further park at the free parking space near the resort. You will notice the camp-like signage of Ethan’s cabin. The owner of the cabin has named the cabin after his son “Ethan” thus “Ethan’s Cabin”

There are three cabins which are next to each other so you don’t need to use your phones to call each other when you’re just next door. Each cabin has its own bed, table, chairs, fridge, utensils, fridge, and rice cooker. The difference in each cabin other then the lovely wooden interior would probably be the bathroom, beds, and windows.

We happened to stay at Cabin 1 and this cabin is just perfect for couples! You have a queen size bed along with spacious bathroom with a heater. Cabin 1 always has the best windows compared to all the other cabins. Cabin 2 and 3 are almost roughly the same except the bedroom has bunk buds that can fit a large number of people. Extra beds are also provided for extra people.

The cabin also has a bonfire and a small swimming pool. Free WiFi is also available for the guests but guests need to bring their own food and water since this is not provided by the resort. The WiFi can also be used outside while using the outdoor tables and chairs. A mini-grotto is also available next to the cabin if you have some quiet time to yourself. If you need to buy food and drinks, you would need to go the nearest store which is around 5-10km away.

The best part about this resort is that’s it’s also pet-friendly! Dogs are allowed in the resort but they are not allowed on the bed or in the swimming pool. The owner must bring their own dog cage and dogs must have diapers at all times. Each room also has its own electric fan and air-conditioner but you won probably need it since it’s really cold in Tagaytay! You might want to do a bon fire and cozy up next to each other and tell some awesome ghost stories this October!


-Free WIFI-Mini round pool-Bonfire-Mini Gazebo-Mini Grotto

Queen/semi double bunkbeds(cabin 2&3) – Queen sized bed(cabin1) – Toilet & bath with heater-Mini ref & E. Water kettle – Induction & Rice cooker – Dining table and chairs


Good for 2-4pax capacity but extra bed are available

Cabin 1 – PHP 6000/22hours (Queen Size Bed)
Cabin 2 – PHP 6000/22hours (Semi-Double Bunkbeds)
Cabin 3 – PHP 5000/22hours (Semi-Double Bunkbeds)


Address: Brgy. Patutong Malaki, Tagaytay City near Mahogany Road.
WiFi: Available
Parking: Available
Pet-Friendly: Yes
Booking and Contact Number: 09175793662

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  1. Sometimes in a world of competition on numbers of staycation in our country… were looking for the affordable and the best one !


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Buzzsetter updates you about the latest trends, food, travel, and entertainment. We love to share the latest buzz that you can share with your friends. Keep the BUZZ alive!

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