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Must-Watch Live-Action Anime Adaptions

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Japan is known for its anime and manga stories, many of which have been adapted into impressive live-action films.

Tokyo Ghoul

A college student is attacked by a ghoul, a being that feeds on human flesh. He later receives an organ transplant from the ghoul, becoming part monster himself.

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Death Note

A high school student discovers a supernatural notebook that has deadly powers. He can kill anyone he wishes simply by inscribing their name within its pages. Intoxicated with his new power, he begins to eliminate those he deems unworthy of life.

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Attack on Titan

In Attack on Titan Eren Yeager, his adoptive sister Mikasa Ackerman and his childhood friend Armin Arlert, join the Survey Corps, a military corporation to fight gigantic humanoids called the Titans after their hometown is attacked by a Colossal Titan.

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Rurouni Kenshin Origins

A Meiji era assassin leaves his life behind to protect the common man.

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Assasination Classroom

After destroying the moon, an alien announces to the authorities that Earth is next. Amid the chaos, the creature announces it will become the homeroom teacher for a third grade class to tutor his students on how to kill him.

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Heroine Shikkaku

Hatori Matsuzaki is a colorful freshman high school student who has harbored a deep crush on her childhood friend, the aloof Rita Terasaka, for several years.

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Kimi ni Todoke

A girl that resemble “Sadako” of the movie Ring is being feared by her classmates. She is avoided by everyone. While everyone is avoiding her, the popular boy Shota Kazehaya befriends her, and their love begins to grow

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Ao Haru Ride

Futaba Yoshioka is a 17-year-old high school student who attempts to fit in with her female friends by acting “unfeminine”, due to a history her female classmates ostracizing her out of jealousy. As a result, she feels her life is uninteresting.

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Bokura Ga Ita

Bokura ga Ita is a 2012 Japanese film based on the manga of the same name, We Were There. It is directed by the director Takahiro Miki and stars Toma Ikuta, Yuriko Yoshitaka. The film was released in two parts, with the first released in Japanese cinemas in the spring of 2012

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Lovely Complex

An unusually tall high school girl meets a vertically challenged young man.

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Paradise Kiss

A chance encounter leads Yukari, a burnt out high school student, to a group of dedicated fashion design students. She becomes their model for their graduating exhibition and discovers her talent for modeling.

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Ghost in the shell

In the near future, Major, the first cyber-human, must stop the growing cyber-terrorism. After discovering a secret of her identity, she sets out to learn more about her obscured past.

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In 2015, Naho Takamiya (Tao Tsuchiya), a 16-year-old girl about to start her second year of high school in Matsumoto, abruptly receives letters while on her way to school. The letters are from Naho herself, but ten years into the future.

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Fullmetal Alchemist

Edward Elric, an alchemist from an alternate world, races to prevent the Thule Society from harnessing alchemy to wage war on his home.

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A Japanese teenager can see ghosts and sees a cute girl fighting an evil monster. He ends up with her reaper power and she as human in his high school class. He discovers a connection between his mom’s death and these monsters.

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A Japanese teenager can see ghosts and sees a cute girl fighting an evil monster. He ends up with her reaper power and she as human in his high school class. He discovers a connection between his mom’s death and these monsters.

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Blood: The Last Vampire

Early reports indicated that the film’s plot will feature Saya as a 400-year-old half human-half vampire who hunts full blooded vampires, both to rid the world of them and as they are her only source for food. She works with an organization known only as “The Council”.

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Itazura na Kiss

A love between high school students Naoki (Kanta Sato) and Kotoko (Reina Visa). Naoki is handsome, good at sports and smart. Even though Kotoko is not very smart, she has a bright personality and strong will.

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As the gods will

Shun Takahata is an ordinary high school student leading a boring life until one day he and his classmates are forced to play a game of death. With no knowledge of who’s behind the games, his only option is to continue winning to stay alive.

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Death note

A battle between the world’s two greatest minds begins when Light Yagami finds the Death Note, a notebook with the power to kill, and decides to rid the world of criminals.

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Aoi lives in an apartment by herself. Shusei moves in next to Aoi’s apartment. Shusei is a very popular student. Due to a mistake, Aoi makes the sprinkler go off in his room. Until his room is fixed, he stays with Aoi.

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L-DK Hitotsu Yane no Shita, (Suki) ga Futatsu

Aoi Nishimori and Shusei Kugayama are in love and they begin to live together secretly. Suddenly, Shusei’s cousin Reon Kugayama comes to them. Their secret is discovered by Reon. Now, Aoi, Shusei and Reon begin to live together.

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Prince of tennis

Twelve year old tennis prodigy, Ryoma Echizen attends the distinguished school of Seishun Academy Middle School with his eyes set on being on the regulars team of the tennis club, which the school is famous for.

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Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Five childhood friends grow apart after the death of Honma Meiko, close playmate of them all. Yadomi Jinta, leader of the group when they were kids, neglects high school and lives as a shut-in when he unexpectedly starts seeing the ghost of Meiko, who can only interact with him and no one else. She has returned to ask Jintan to fulfill the forgotten wish she made as a kid.

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Prison school

5 male students enrolls at a school that has all female students. The boarding school was formerly an all-girls high school until the new school year. The student council then places the 5 male students in a place known as the prison on charges that they were peeping on the girls in the showers. The 5 male students struggle to escape from the prison.

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 Peach Girl

Momo Adachi is a female high school student. She appears to be a wild girl due to her tan skin and dyed hair, but she is a actually naive and sweet student. Since her days in middle school, Momo Adachi has secretly held feelings for classmate Toji. Meanwhile, the most popular male student, Kairi Okayasu, becomes interested in her. Her friend Sae is jealous of her and tries to block Toji from Momo. Momo is conflicted with Toji and Kairi, but she has to make a decision. — with Lindley Badana Samalca.

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 Bunny Drop

A man adopts his six-year-old aunt and raises her as his own kid.

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Moritaka Mashiro, a junior high student, forgets his notebook in class. His classmate Akito Takagi, notes Mashiro’s drawings in it and asks him to become a manga artist to his stories. Mashiro declines. Takagi incites Mashiro to meet with Miho Azuki, Mashiro’s crush, and tells her the two plan to become mangakas (manga artists). In response, Azuki reveals her plans to be a seiyuu (voice actress). Mashiro proposes to her that they should both marry when Azuki becomes a voice actress for the anime adaptation of their manga. The two then start creating their manga, under the pen name Muto Ashirogi, in hopes of getting serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump.

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Missions of love

Yukina Himuro is a junior high student without any experience in love. She also secretly writes cell phone novels under a pen name. Yukina Himuro receives feedback from her readers that her stories lack romance. One day, she happens to read a notebook that belongs to Shigure Kitami. He is popular with girls at her school and he carries himself as well mannered guy. Yukina Himuro discovers his secret in his notebook. She decides to take advantage of her discovery and gain material for her novel. She blackmails Shigure Kitami and gives him missions of love to perform.

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Nobunaga concerto

This adaptation to a popular manga is the story of a contemporary teenager travelling back in time to the Sengoku period of the sixteenth century. There he meets with the historical figure Oda Nobunaga who instills in him the mission to deliver peace to Japan. Being aware that Oda may soon die, and the plot that accompanies the occurrence, the protagonist debates altering the outcome of what may yet come to be.


Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Erika captured a photo of a handsome guy and told her friends that he is her boyfriend. Upon finding this out, the boy proposed to go with her pretense as long as she acts as his pet dog.

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Your Lie in April

A piano prodigy who lost his ability to play after suffering a traumatic event in his childhood is forced back into the spotlight by an eccentric girl with a secret of her own.

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I Give My First Love to You

Takuma knows that his life is shorter that the others and he feels that his demise is getting near. He chose to stay away from the girl that he loves so that she can easily move on. What he didn’t know is that he is under-estimating her.

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Strobe Edge

Ninako confesses her love to Ren. But get rejected because he is already have a girlfriend. They promise to stay as a friend. Some other guy confess their love to her but she rejects them. Is it because she still wants to be with Ren?

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Beyond the Memories

Kanna Seto lost her childhood friend Haruta in a car accident when she was a freshman in high school. Carrying the emotional pain from that incident throughout her life, Kanna is still wounded as an adult. Kanna then meets Roku Akazawa, who also carries a painful experience from his past. When Roku was an elementary school student, a girl who was with him got into an accident and died. Because of that incident, Roku carries a heavy sense of guilt. Roku then tries to make Kanna feel love again.

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The Liar and His Lover

A love story between a famous 25-year-old songwriter, who keeps his identity hidden from the public, and a 16-year-old high school student who possesses a gifted voice.

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Love for Beginners

Hibino, a geek girl fall in love for the first time with Kyouta, the playboy. What will happen when a zero experience girl coupled with a lot of experienced boy? Love for beginner begin.

Kyo Koi wo Hajimemasu p1


While strange rumors about their ill King grip a kingdom, the crown prince becomes their only hope against a mysterious plague overtaking the land.

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 Crows Zero

A transfer student attempts to take over the most violent high school in the country, whose students form factions and battle each other for power.

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Gantz: D

After being brutally murdered in a subway station, a teen boy awakens to find himself resurrected by a strange computer named Gantz, and forced to fight a large force of invading aliens in Osaka.

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 High School Debut

Haruna who devoted herself to softball decide to find a boyfriend in high school by instruction from Yoh, who is willingly to teach her how to get a boyfriend but with only one condition, don’t fall in love with him at all.

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Parasyte: Part 1

The humanity is suffering from murders all over the globe, called “Mincemeat murders”. High school student, Izumi Shinichi has a parasite living off him, having replaced his right hand, and he might be the discoverer of truth.


Parasyte: Part 2

Humanity is under attack by human-mimicking flesh-eating alien parasites. One parasite bonds with his young high school student host, and he convinces the parasite to help him stop the others.

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Black Butler

After her supposed death, a young woman returns as the son of her noble family to precede the family’s prestigious company, with a demon at her side to avenge her parent’s murder.

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Sukitte Iinayo “Say I love You”

About one gloomy girl named Mei who injures the most popular male student named Yamato. Somehow, Yamato likes Mei and one day, Yamato saves Mei from a stalker by kissing her. From that kiss, their love story begins.

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Her Senior

Rika Tsuzuki is a first year high school student. She is in love with third year high school student Keigo Minohara. Meanwhile, Keigo Minohara is secretly in love with Aoi Okita. She attended the same high school and is now a first year university student.

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My Brother Loves Me Too Much

She is a high school girl, but not any school girl. She is cute, attractive and popular. Many boys and men want her and go to great lengths to grab her. They will do whatever it takes. One of those things, however, is going through her half-brother. It is not just that the brother is protective. It is that he too is in love.

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Nodame Cantabile: The Movie I

Talented violinist Chiaki Shinichi really wants to become an orchestral conductor. In the final year at his Tokyo conservatory he finds himself living next door to a brilliant but undisciplined pianist named Noda Megumi, nicknamed “Nodame.” Nodame soon declares herself in love with Chiaki. Though he demurs at first he finds himself attracted by both her talent and her quirky personality.

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Nodame Cantabile: The Movie II

Nodame is still pining for the affections of Chiaki, but Chiaki wants them to concentrate on their musical careers and moves out. Chiaki then gets the opportunity to perform with Song Rui (Yu Yamada) and the Wiltord Orchestra of Vienna. Meanwhile, Nodame remains at the conservatory in Paris, but Professor AuClair refuses to let her compete in musical competitions that could kickstart her career. When Nodame goes to a concert with her friends, she hears Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G major and decides that is the song that she will one day perform with Chiaki. Unknown to Nodame, Chiaki is about to perform the song in front of her with Rui

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