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Shopee Identifies 4 Of The Biggest E-commerce Trends In 2020

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Shopee, the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, identifies four major e-commerce trends in 2020. The retail landscape in the Philippines hShopee, Southeast Asia’s and Taiwan’s top e-commerce platform, has identified four important e-commerce trends for 2020. Increased social distancing initiatives, such as the introduction of the Enhanced Community Quarantine, have changed the retail scene in the Philippines as the country fights the spread of Covid-19.

shopee buzzsetter

Consumers purchase more frequently on weekdays and prefer cashless transactions, while brands and vendors grow their online presence. As a result, customers are turning to e-commerce to suit their buying demands, while businesses and sellers are entering online in quest of development.

Ruoshan Tao, Shopee Philippines’ Head of Marketing, claims that

“How we live, work, and shop has altered in the year 2020. E-commerce is becoming a crucial avenue for brands and sellers across the area to sustain and grow their companies. Simultaneously, customers are increasingly turning to the internet to meet their daily needs, which include everything from groceries to home appliances. Shopee will continue to make buying more sociable, interesting, and convenient for everyone as e-commerce becomes more important in people’s lives.”

Shopee has recognized four important e-commerce trends in the Philippines in recent months:

  1. E-commerce is becoming more popular among brands and sellers.
    Brands and sellers are expanding their online presence while experimenting with new ways to connect and engage customers.

Brands and sellers in the Gaming and Pet Care sectors are witnessing great growth as customers purchase for their home and vital needs online. Furthermore, compared to the same period last year, brands and sellers selling pet supplies and home appliances and accessories received 40 times and 15 times more orders, respectively.
Brands and merchants are continually exploring new ways to connect consumers, including live streaming. The amount of Shopee Live streams from brands and merchants has surged by 40 times, according to Shopee. With Shopee Live, local SMEs have been able to increase their online visibility. Sirods Stuffed Toys, for example, has received a large number of views for its streams by showing popular toys and collectibles to users in real-time, allowing it to better engage customers.

  1. Consumers are turning to e-commerce for their everyday necessities.
    At the same time, since people live, work, and play from home, Filipinos are relying on e-commerce to meet their daily necessities.

Consumers use the internet to search and shop for a wide range of needs: In the last three months, Shopee has seen a surge in search and purchase activity, particularly for health and fashion products. This demonstrates a growing reliance on e-commerce, which offers Filipinos one-stop shopping for necessities, health items, and more.
Keywords that have been searched the most: Masks for the face, dresses, power banks, and underwear
Mosquito incense, vitamins and supplements, and cell phone cases are among the most popular items.

  1. Consumers’ shopping habits change as they seek e-commerce convenience.
    Consumers in the Philippines are shifting their shopping habits as they look for ease in e-commerce during this time.

Increased weekday purchasing: In recent months, online shopping traffic has peaked on Tuesdays, demonstrating Filipinos’ preference for shopping earlier in the week. Shopping activity is also at its peak between 12 and 1 p.m., as Filipinos prefer to shop during lunchtime.
Preference for cashless payments: As consumers value speed and minimize physical encounters, cashless payments are becoming more popular. In recent months, Shopee has noticed that users are increasingly embracing cashless solutions such as ShopeePay to pay for goods.

  1. Increased online shopper social interaction and engagement
    E-commerce has grown into more than simply a place to shop; it’s also become a gathering place for people to communicate, read content, and connect with one another. In the last three months, Shopee’s in-app engagement features have experienced increased use as Filipinos strive to stay connected online:

Shopee Live Chat: Shopee’s platform has experienced an upsurge in social interactions. As brands, merchants, and consumers communicate with one another throughout the purchasing journey, over 1 million communications were sent everyday on average.
In-app games: Over the last three months, Shopee’s in-app games have received 200 million plays. Users that come in everyday to win rewards and try out new in-app games like Shopee Farm and Shopee Throw are the driving force behind this.
“We want to keep our aim of providing a sociable and engaging experience to our users while making online buying safe and convenient. Simultaneously, we will continue to assist both our merchants and buyers by offering a seamless online buying experience, particularly in light of the COVID-19 problem. Tao said

Shopee is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.


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