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Kim Won-Shik Philippines’ First-Ever Miniseries!




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Sam is set to shine brighter in “Pag-ibig” Na Kaya!

Kim Won Shik PR 1 1
Photo Courtesy: Universal Records

Universal Records, one of the Philippines’ largest and most well-known record companies, has just launched its first-ever web miniseries, which will premiere in February 2023.

For a long-standing and respectable company that has helped bring several OPM hits over the years, this show is appropriately named after a popular song. This year, everyone will see a very wonderful love tale on “Pag-ibig Na Kaya,” starring the real-life couple Julie Anne San Jose & Rayver Cruz. Niq Ablao wrote the script and JP Lopez directed the film.

Kim Won Shik PR 2 1
Photo Courtesy: Universal Records

The whole cast will be unveiled shortly, but to spice things up, a talented Korean actor, Kim Won-Shik, has been labeled as the second male protagonist for this program, which is about love… in all its forms.
According to the celebrity, he can also be called Sam in addition to his Korean name. In terms of acting for television dramas, he has a considerable amount of expertise. He is well-known for appearing in the popular K-drama series True Beauty (2020) and the fantasy-romance Netflix series Alchemy Of Souls (Season 1, 2022). This project with UR is his very first time working with a Filipino production and his first time acting alongside our outstanding Filipino actors. Sam’s casting in this miniseries also opened the door to a new opportunity in his acting career. Kathleen Dy-Go, the Managing Director of Universal Records Philippines, has enabled Won-Shik to join the expanding roster of artists she manages.

Since he could study in this country for six and a half years, Kim Won-Shik can understand and even speak Filipino. Sam claims that after reading the script for “Pag-ibig Na Kaya,” he became immersed in his role and instantly realized that Korean dramas inspire its available treatment. Sam finds filming this entire show a tremendous experience that has immensely contributed to his progress as an actor, even though he admittedly feels rushed because he must speak English and Filipino in most of his sequences.

He is highly professional, friendly, and courteous throughout the miniseries’ filming. He is constantly eager to shoot his sequences, highly animated in character, and always prepared to bring positive energy to the set. The actor also stated that he swiftly decided to participate in this production when he learned that the talented director Direk Niq was in charge since he had seen many of the director’s previous works.

“They are really polite to me while filming, especially our director. I saw the ‘Paubaya’ music video that she created (Moira Dela Torre). Yes, the use of color and the narratives were excellent. I believe in Direk Niq so much that I’m thrilled to join this series,”

Kim Won-Shik

Moreover, because the Hallyu wave is so strong and vibrant in the Philippines, Sam is really thrilled for everyone to see Pag-ibig Na Kaya, which will be released very soon.

Ensure that you are already subscribed to the official YouTube channel for Universal Records Philippines in order to be informed.

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    Wileam Rinon

    January 18, 2023 at 11:43 am

    Can’t wait 😘

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    Elsa D. Marcina

    January 18, 2023 at 12:26 pm

    Wow! That’s awesome!

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