SevenTea: A Milk Tea Bottle With Love!

Everyone loves a good milk tea and milk tea branches are still popping all over Manila. Another brand decided to join the milk tea game, and their drink is a game changer!

It looks like rainbow! Perfect for Pride Month!

Most milk tea stores provide their drinks in cups, while SevenTea decided to take on a unique and refreshing image for their drinks — Milk tea in cute bottles!

The owners, Dandrei Enriquez and Inri Bautista, met in a Catholic Community where they are both serving the Lord. They were both inspired by each other’s stories and testimonies and eventually became a couple. They wanted to start up their own businesses, they brainstormed and found out their common love which is MILKTEA!

You’ll just love these drinks

SevenTea is all about Love. Seven, in the bible, represents Perfection. In the Christian Community, they believe that God is the Perfect Image of Love. The owners want to Love like Jesus. So they provided products and services perfected by Love. In other words, everyone you avail their products, you help share that Love to those who need it.

The best part is 10% of their sales will be donated to their chosen foundation. This what they call God’s Love in a Bottle!


  • SC Wintermelon MT
  • SC Cookies N’ Cream MT
  • SC Dark Choco MT


  • Green Apple Yakult
  • Strawberry Yakult
Cookies And Cream

Taro Milktea: It tastes really milky and the color purple will definitely catch your eye! Rate: 9/10

Matcha Late

Matcha Latte: We tried a lot of Matcha drinks in Manila. We will let you try this on your own Rate: 7/10

Strawberry Yakult: Strawberries mixed with Yakult is new to us! Rate: 8/10

Wintermelon with extra pearl: This was also really good and you’ll love the tapioca pearls in this sweet milk tea. Rate: 9/10

Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate: This drink taste likes it’s covered completely in chocolate. You would want this drink cold though. Rate: 10/10

Cookies and Cream: This really sweet and creamy! You have to make sure that you drink it as soon as possible or you’ll love the cream! Rate: 8/10

Strawberry, Green Apple and Wintermelon Yakult!

Wintermelon Yakult: Wintermelon + Yakult? Best combo ever! It tastes really sweet and watery Rate: 9/10

Green Apple Yakult. This drink was our absolute favorite! It taste like just like green apples with Yakult as a kick! Rate: 10/10

The perfect take-out drink!

These drinks are just perfect when you’re on the go especially if you’re on the beach or even having a picnic at the park. They also make great gifts and it’s the perfect “cool yourself drink” during a hot day.

The best part is they currently deliver the drink to your doorstep! You can contact them on their Facebook fan page: LoveSevenTea or Instagram @loveseventea. You may also dial +63 955 300 083

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