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The Department of Tourism’s Kain Na Is Back In Its Fourth Installment

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kain na department of tourism

The Philippines always had great dishes and cuisines. Our most famous dishes has to be the adobo and pancit. This time, I am about to find out some great dishes in the South especially in Mindanao which always got this mystique that it’s a dangerous place but it’s not. I actually had a chance to try some great dishes in the South which has been inspired by countless countries including Malaysia and the United States of America.

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Kain Na guys!
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The delicious Sashimi of Mindanao! This can rival Japanese sushi!

I tried this Mindanao Sashimi and it was so fresh and delicious! This awesome dish absolutely made my day in Cagayan De Oro.

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Sashimi/ People went crazy over this dish!
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Some delicious Muslim food from Mindanao!

The Muslim food really got me going! They got two dishes of chicken. One was mixed with coconut milk and spicy chicken. This was inspired by Malaysia or the Arabs who visited the Philippines.

The Muslims would eat on the floor and with their hands. This is something that I used to do back in Dubai with my Muslim friends. I miss those days!

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Crabs were also present
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More dishes from the Southern provinces of Mindanao!
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So fresh and healthy!
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Fancy a taste?
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Some more delicacies!

I really enjoyed flavors of the South and experience Mindanao’s biggest food escapade! The three-day food and travel fair will held from November 22-24 at the Ground Level, CM Recto Wing of Ayala Centrio, Cagayan De Oro City. I hope to be back here again. Thank you, Department of Tourism and Cagayan De Oro!

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