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B.I’s ‘HYPE UP’ Concert in Jakarta: The Party You Never Wanted to End

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B.I concert recap Hype up Jakarta

South Korean singer-rapper B.I returned to Jakarta with a fun-filled concert that thrilled fans with high-energy performances and engaging interactions. The B.I 2024 Tour Hype Up concert in Jakarta, held at The Kasablanka Hall was organized by Viu Scream Dates Id and promoter Three Angles Production, drawing an enthusiastic crowd eager to see the K-pop star in action.

As the performance began, the venue was filled with screams from the IDs, eagerly waiting for B.I to take the stage while waving their binbongs with smiles on their faces.


B.I kicked off the night with a bang, opening the show with “Michaelangelo,” followed by hits like “Alive,” “One and Only,” “Waterfall,” “Illa Illa,” and “Loved.” He ensured fans enjoyed the concert comfortably, reminding them, “Don’t push each other; the back is still spacious.”

B.I’s setlist was extensive, featuring songs like “Keep Me Up,” “Got It Like That,” “Dare to Love,” “Tasty,” “To Die,” “TTM,” “Born Hater,” “The Island of Misfit Toys,” “Die For Love,” “Beautiful Life,” and “Re-Birth.”

The concert night featured a special collaboration with fellow Korean hip-hop (KHH) musician Leo, an artist under the 131 Label, who recently debuted in August last year. Together, they performed “Pretty Plzzz,” a track from his debut album “Come Closer,” showcasing their harmonious synergy.

As B.I took time off to change outfits, LEO greeted IDs once again, “Good evening, Jakarta! I’ll be performing my own songs. I’m aware that the Indonesian audience likes me a lot, right?” The audience responded enthusiastically with a resounding “Yes!

He continued the night with his solo tracks “Come Closer” and “Farewell”. The crowd was excited to see his potential and look forward to his rise in the Korean entertainment industry.

Fan Interactions

B.I. continued to hype the night by jumping and dancing as he fully immersed himself in the atmosphere, encouraging fans to do the same with hits like “Flame” and “Smoke.” 


Before performing “Nineteen,” he interviewed a 19-year-old fan who humorously expressed a desire to be wealthy when grown up, to which B.I responded with laughter, calling it “the most realistic answer throughout my concert.”

Known for his exceptional fan service, B.I didn’t disappoint the audiences as he ventured into the crowd multiple times, from the front to the back, allowing fans an up-close experience. His daring moves, like climbing the barricade and posing on fans’ hands, drove the crowd wild.

His performance of “4Letters” involved descending from the stage and taking selfies with fans, creating unforgettable memories. He also invited two fans on stage to dance, adding to the night’s excitement.

The rapper also shared demo versions of his unreleased tracks, B.I stated, “Has anyone watched Killing Voice yet? Is there a demo song that I only performed on Killing Voice? Do you know what the song is? What song? Do you know the title?”. He added, “Let’s listen to it.

As the night progressed, he performed an array of songs, including “Numb,” “BTBT,” “Keep Me Up,” and “Remember Me.” B.I also highlighted his dance crew, often bringing them on stage and providing them with chances to showcase their talents. Each member had their own solo moments, displaying impressive dancing skills throughout the concert.

Fans surprised B.I with a touching video message, and Leo shared his appreciation on social media, saying, “Jakarta!! thank you for a great night, genuinely had so much fun performing in front of you guys 🥹 i’ll be back soon 🇮🇩🙏”

The encore was a true highlight, with B.I performing additional hits such as “Illusion,” “Be I,” “Alone,” “S.O.S,” “Endless Summer,” “Idol,” “Middle with You,” and “Cosmos.”

As he wrapped up his show, B.I. said “Now we have reached the end of the event. How was everything fun today? Please give a round of applause. Thank you to all the staff who have helped with this event.”

The entire “HYPE UP” concert felt like a party you didn’t want to end, as B.I created one of the best concert and memorable party for all IDs. With his unwavering dedication and boundless creativity, B.I is poised to carved out a bright future in the music industry.


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