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Samsung Try Galaxy App 2 (1)

With the Try Galaxy app, users who want to #SwitchToGalaxy but want to test the experience first can now do so easily.

The Try Galaxy app is a web-based application designed specifically to give non-Android users a taste of the Galaxy’s great experience. Simply scan the QR code above or visit in their browsers to install the app on their home screens. This will launch an interactive simulation of the user interface of the Samsung Galaxy, featuring the latest One UI 4.1.1, which is now optimized for the foldable experience.

Samsung Try Galaxy App 2
Photo credits: Samsung

Key features of the new Galaxy experience:

Tutorials for Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4

Observe walkthroughs of the newly-introduced Z Series to learn how simple it is to navigate each interface. The experience will demonstrate how both devices’ hands-free and multi-window features encourage greater flexibility and productivity.

Samsung Try Galaxy App 1
Photo credits: Samsung

Galaxy Camera and Exhibition

Explore the Galaxy’s built-in Object Eraser and Photo Remaster tools—two essential camera functions for young content creators. Using a fun, interactive tutorial video, the Try Galaxy app also enables users to see what differentiates the ZFlip’s FlexCam.

Samsung Try Galaxt App 3
Photo credits: Samsung

Galaxy Themes and Personalization Instruments

The Galaxy experience includes personalized themes, customizable color palettes, and custom-made emoji pairs. These tools take users on a journey of self-expression, inspiring them to design their Galaxy Theme interface as authentically as possible to their personal taste.

Galaxy Ecosystem Modeling

Explore simulated pages of Galaxy’s incredible settings and features. Try Galaxy provides a realistic view of its ecosystem through a simplified virtual experience of various message- and call-related Galaxy features and in-app demonstrations of the Privacy, Smart Switch, Samsung Health, and Quick Share dashboards.

Samsung Kids, Game Launcher, Galaxy Store, Galaxy Wearable, and SmartThings offer additional simulations and in-app tutorials to explore.
With the Try Galaxy app, users can discover how simple, intuitive, and customizable the Galaxy experience is, deciding #SwitchToGalaxy effortless.

Today, you can download the Try Galaxy app by scanning the QR code above or visiting

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1 Comment

  1. Avatar


    November 8, 2022 at 6:30 am

    Wow so convinient na dahil may Galaxy app na ang Samsung.
    Highly recommended talaga dahil the best ang feature

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